The United Kingdom revealed new cases of dismissals in the high command of the Russian Army due to poor results in Donbas

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Commander of the Eastern Military District Colonel General Rustam Muradov. Russian Defense Ministry/Handout via REUTERS (RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY/)

He UK intelligence service He said on Thursday that there is a possibility that Russia has relegated his position as commander of the Eastern Group of Forces in Ukraineto the colonel general Rustam Muradovdue to the failure to achieve the objectives set by Moscow.

Muradov is the highest-ranking military officer to have been sacked so far in 2023, but the UK Ministry of Defense says the dismissals will continue as Russia fails to achieve targets in the Donbas region.

Based on Russian communications and media, Muradov would have been dismissed after heavy losses in recent months, during which the forces he led have repeatedly been unable, for example, to gain control of the city of vugledarin the region of Donetsk.

“The operations have drawn intense public criticism from across the spectrum of Russian commentators, including Muradov’s own troops,” who was also behind the “disastrous” attempt to take Kiev early in the invasion, the British Defense Ministry says in a brief report on his Twitter account.

For its part, Intelligence USA points out that the Russian authorities would have underestimated the resistance capacity of the Ukrainian troops, as well as the scope of the aid that arrives from Western countries and that it would not be until the end of 2023 when Moscow could confirm the definitive seizure of Donbas.

Ukrainian servicemen from the 3rd Separate Tank Brigade take part in a drill not far from the front lines in Donbas.  (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda, File)
Ukrainian servicemen from the 3rd Separate Tank Brigade take part in a drill not far from the front lines in Donbas. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda, File) (Vadim Ghirda/)

Likewise, the intelligence services of United Kingdom have also pointed out that Russia could search issue foreign debt to “plug holes” in the country’s finances in the face of “a long war in Ukraine”, after the Russian prime minister, Mikhail Mishustinrevealed a plan about it.

“The Russian authorities probably consider the foreign debt issuance as a way to plug holes in Russia’s finances while they plan for a long war in the Ukraine. However, it remains unclear whether Russia will be successful in applying these measures,” they said.

Thus, they have recalled that Mishustin confirmed on March 28 that Moscow was “developing” a plan to “issue some of Russia’s sovereign debt in foreign currencies” and has explained that “it is almost certainly an indication that Russia anticipates external financial support from countries it considers ‘friendly’.”

“Once this is completed, investors from other countries will be able to buy Russian sovereign debt and finance part of Russia’s future budget deficits. These investors would be indirectly financing the Russian invasion of Ukraine”, they have stated, according to a series of messages published by the British Ministry of Defense through its account on the social network Twitter.

In this sense, they have stressed that “in recent months, Russian banks have been the main entities that bought state debt” and added that “however, it is unlikely that they will have the capacity to fully finance the anticipated deficits of future Budgets ”.

(With information from Europa Press)

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