The United States and Qatar continue negotiating the release of hostages held by Hamas

Antony Blinken (Luis Barron/Eyepix Via Zuma Pres / Dpa) (Luis Barron/Eyepix Via Zuma Pres/)

The Secretary of State of the United States, Anthony Blinkenthanked this Monday the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al Thanithe involvement of his Government in trying to achieve the departure of foreign citizens from the Gaza Strip and the release of the hostages in the hands of Hamas, in a new telephone contact between both countries.

The two ministers discussed the humanitarian situation in Gaza following the military offensive launched by Israeli forces in response to the “horrible terrorist attacks” perpetrated by Hamas, according to a statement from the US State Department, which has also advocated working to prevent the conflict from spreading throughout the region.

For his part, the Qatari leader has stressed the “vital importance” of protect “all” civilians, while calling to guarantee “sustained humanitarian assistance” for the Palestinian population.

The Strip has been subject to a total blockade since the attacks on October 7, which have left some 8,300 dead in said territory, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

Qatari Foreign Minister Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani
The Qatari foreign minister in charge of mediating with the Middle East countries (Naseem Zeitoon/REUTERS)

Qatar, which last week joined other Arab countries in criticizing the actions taken by Israel in Gaza, has tried in recent weeks to present itself as an intermediary, given the lines it has open with the different actors.

The Qatari ambassador to the United States, Meshal bin Hamad al Thanisigned on Sunday a tribune in The Wall Street Journalin which he claimed the country as the “honest mediator” of the Middle East.

Thus, under the premise that “Qatar does not want another war in the region,” the ambassador also wanted to make it clear that Doha does not support the actions undertaken by Hamas, which the Arab countries also condemned in their joint statement.

Last week, Román Lejtman, Infobae’s correspondent in Israel, had announced the news that The United States and Qatar were negotiating with Hamas a list of 50 captured civilians during the terrorist attack on Israel, which occurred on October 7. The hostages have dual nationality and are in Hamas dungeons located in the Gaza tunnels. The Israeli government is not formally participating in the talks, but it knows the conditions that the terrorist organization is demanding to free the kidnapped people.

The Blinken-Al-Muraikhi diplomatic tandem has already achieved the freedom of Judith Raanan and her daughter Natali Raanan, both citizens of the United States, and now they seek to expand consensus with Hamas to close a list of fifty hostages who are in Gaza under extreme sanitary conditions. .

Hamas has fluid relations with Qatar, which allows its terrorists to use the capital Doha as a safe haven. And Qatar, according to the confidential information handled by the CIA, financed ISIS when that terrorist organization tried to found a caliphate that would go from Syria to Turkey.

But now the international board is different, and the United States and Qatar are playing together to ensure that Hamas releases most of the hostages captured during its terrorist raid on Israel.

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