The United States and the UN condemned the Russian attack on Chernihiv in northern Ukraine: “It is appalling, Russia must end its brutal war now”

The United States and the UN condemned the Russian attack on Chernihiv, in broad daylight: “It is appalling. Russia must end its brutal war now” (REUTERS) (STRINGER /)

The international community expressed its condemnation of the Russian attack this Saturday on the city of chernihivnorth of Ukraine, which left a balance of seven dead -including a six-year-old girl- and 129 injured.

The impact of the missile occurred in broad daylight in the center of the city – where a square, a polytechnic university and a theater are located – during the Orthodox festival of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

“It is atrocious to attack the main square of a big city, in the morning, while people are walking, some going to church to celebrate a religious day for many Ukrainians,” sentenced the humanitarian coordinator of the UN for Ukraine, Denise Brown.

“I condemn this repeated pattern of Russian attacks on populated areas of Ukraine. Targeted attacks against civilians or other objects are strictly prohibited by the International human right”, he continued.

The US ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget A. Brink, also repudiated what happened and wrote in her X account that “innocent men, women and children enjoying a beautiful Saturday, a public holiday in Ukraine, should never end up dead or injured. Russia’s missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities, ports and people reflect the depths to which Russia has sunk and must stop”.

To this was added the word of the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken: “We condemn in the strongest terms another horrific attack with missiles against innocent civilians in Chernihiv (…) The United States will always stand with the people of Ukraine. Russia must end its brutal war now.”.

For her part, the Director General of the UnescoAudrey Azoulay, said she was “appalled” by the attack that destroyed parts of the center of Chernihiv, which, with its rich and ancient history, had been declared a candidate to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List.

“The theater partially destroyed and other cultural and educational venues damaged. All my thoughts to the victims,” she wrote on social media.

The director general of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, said she was
The director general of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, said she was “horrified” by the attack that also destroyed pieces of the millenary history of the city (REUTERS) (STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE OF UKRAI /)

He United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) also denounced the actions of Moscow, which attacked and killed innocent minors.

“Over and over again we see how children’s lives are cut short and how families suffer the insurmountable pain of losing a childall because of this horrible war. The attacks must stop. Boys and girls must be protected. This country must be given the opportunity for peace and, for its children, for a future,” lamented the organization, which called on the parties to “protect civilians and civil infrastructure” in addition to “comply with legal and moral obligations to keep children out of the line of fire.”

The agency recalled that, so far, more than 1,700 minors they have lost their lives or been injured since the beginning of the war.

It is “a serious violation of international humanitarian law” that “marks the lives of those affected and erodes the structure of the city,” added the Ombudsman, Dimitri Lubinets.

President Volodimir Zelensky He also regretted what happened earlier. “Any Saturday that Russia became a day of pain and loss. There are dead, there are wounded,” she said.

This is what it means to live alongside a terrorist state.. This is what we are uniting the entire world against. My condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one,” she continued.

That is why the president called on the world to “confront Russian terror” and to provide his country with “additional tools to safeguard life.” “So that he wins his life. Russia must lose this war.”he concluded.

Zelensky said the attack is a sample of what it means
Zelensky said that the attack is a sample of what it means to “live next to a terrorist state” (Europa Press) (Europa Press/Contact/Pool /Ukra/)

Witnesses to the attack narrated the horrors they experienced in this place that, until now, had not been one of the main targets of the Kremlin.

From her hospital bed, with her legs still covered in blood, Diana Kazakova said that she was inside a business when the alert siren began to sound and, a few minutes later, the impact occurred.

“People were crying, screaming in the street. It was scary,” she recalled.

Iryna, a waitress at one of the restaurants, said that “there was smoke, screams, people were running, crying. We ran to the shelter when everything happened and we sat there.

(With information from AFP)

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