The United States announced a new military aid package for Ukraine for USD 2,000 million one year after the Russian invasion

In this file photo, Ukrainian soldiers prepare a US-supplied M777 howitzer to fire at Russian positions in the Kherson region of Ukraine on Jan. 9, 2023.

The United States announced a new aid package to Ukraine for 2 billion dollars in the form of orders to its defense industry, one year after the start of the Russian invasion.

The new aid, which does not come from US military reserves and will therefore take several months to reach kyiv, includes additional ammunition for Himars artillery and rocket systemsas well as dronesas reported by the Pentagon in a statement.

It also does not include other military equipment requested by the Ukrainian army, such as fighter jets and long-range missiles.

The United States, Ukraine’s largest donor, has already delivered or promised more than 32,000 million dollars in various types of weapons to kyiv since the start of the Russian offensive, on February 24, 2022, stressed the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.

Other Ukrainian allies have unlocked more than 20,000 million dollars in total, the official said.

Vladimir Putin “thought Ukraine’s defenses would collapse, America’s resolve would weaken, and the world would look away. He was wrong,” Lloyd added.

“One year later, Ukraine’s courageous defenders have not wavered, nor has our determination to stand by them for as long as it takes.”

Over the months, Americans have escalated their military assistance towards heavier and more sophisticated equipment. At first anti-tank missiles, then precision artillery batteries, light armor, and finally Abrams heavy tanks.

During a surprise visit to kyiv on Monday, US President Joe Bidenannounced another tranche of aid for 500 million dollarsespecially artillery ammunition and anti-armor systems taken from the stocks of the US Army, and therefore readily available.

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