The United States criticized China’s aspiration to possess hypersonic weapons: “It will increase military tensions”

The Secretary of Defense of the United States, Lloyd Austin (EFE) (MICHAEL REYNOLDS / POOL /)

China’s aspiration to develop hypersonic weaponsincreases tensions in the region”Warned the US Defense Secretary on Thursday, who promised that Washington will maintain its ability to deter possible threats posed by Beijing.

Lloyd Austin made the remarks in Seoul, following annual security talks with his South Korean counterpart, which focused on the challenges facing China and North Korea and other issues facing the two allies.

China’s growing military might and its drive to end US rule in Asia have caused unrest in Washington. The Chinese momentum was revealed in July with the testing of a hypersonic weapon capable of partially orbiting the Earth before returning to the atmosphere and striking its target..

Experts argue that the weapons system is clearly designed for the purpose of evading United States missile defensesAlthough China insists it was testing a special reusable probe, not a missile.

We are concerned about the military capabilities that the PRC continues to pursue, and the pursuit of those capabilities increases tension in the region.Austin said when discussing the recent test, using the acronym for People’s Republic of China, the country’s official name.

DF-17 hypersonic missiles at a military parade in Beijing (Reuters)
DF-17 hypersonic missiles at a military parade in Beijing (Reuters) (Thomas Peter /)

“This underscores why we consider the PRC our constant challengeAustin added, referring to how Beijing’s increased military capabilities threaten US defense strategies.

Washington “will maintain the capabilities to defend and deterrence against a number of possible threats from the PRC to us and our allies,” he added.

Last month, the Chief of Staff of the United States, General Mark Milley, said that The US also works on hypersonic weapons. But Washington worries about being left behind China and Russia in the pursuit of this type of weapon.. Moscow announced Monday that its Navy successfully tested a possible hypersonic cruise missile.

Vladimir Putin reviews a test of a Russian hypersonic missile (Reuters)
Vladimir Putin reviews a test of a Russian hypersonic missile (Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

These weapons, which fly at five times the speed of sound, Mach 5, could silver crucial challenges to anti-missile systems for their speed and maneuverability. But some experts argue that they would add little to America’s ability to deter concerns that could cause a new and destabilizing arms race.

On North Korea, Austin said that he and his South Korean counterpart, Suh Wook, discussed a wide variety of topics. The two leaders agreed that the North Korean advance in its missile and weapons programs “is increasingly destabilizing for regional security,” Austin said.

The United States and South Korea remain committed to a diplomatic approach to Pyongyang, he noted.

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