The United States declassified thousands of documents on the assassination of John F. Kennedy

The renowned image of John F. Kennedy in Dallas seconds before his assassination

The government of the United States lifted this Wednesday the official secret that weighed on 1,491 documents related to the death of the president John F. Kennedy in Dallas (Texas) in 1963.

The files consist of tickers, reports, and intergovernmental communications now accessible to everyone through the US National Archives website, although they do not include all the documents in the possession of the Government on this matter.

Thousands of never-before-seen pages of investigative memoranda, notes and cables produced by the CIA, the FBI, the Department of State and the Department of Defense. But hundreds of papers, presumably with the most sensitive information, remain under wraps, according to indicated the American press this Wednesday.

According to official legislation dating from 1992, reports of JFK’s assassination should have been made public in 2017, but the law provided for a possible postponement if it was considered that there were national security concerns.

Former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) ordered the disclosure of 2,800 unpublished documents in October 2017, but decided to keep other hundreds of them under this premise.

In October of this year, Federal Government agencies asked the President of the United States, Joe Biden, an extension for the declassification until December 15, the date on which all those documents for which a “ continuous postponement ”. In that executive order, President Biden justified this delay by relying on the protection against possible damage to military defense, intelligence operations, US law, or foreign relations.

Total, the National Archives have already released more than 90% of the government documents on the JFK assassination.

assassination john f kennedy jfk
Kennedy was assassinated at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald, who according to the official investigation of the Warren commission acted alone, something about which many historians continue to raise doubts (Photo: Getty Images) (Pascal J Le Segretain /)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was 46 years old and serving his first term as president of the United States when he was assassinated on November 22, 1963. after receiving several bullet wounds while traveling in a presidential delegation on the occasion of an official visit to the state of Texas.

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for those shots, who two days later, when he came to testify for those events, was assassinated by Jack Ruby, owner of a nightclub in the city of Dallas. The Warren Commission concluded that Oswald had acted alone in the murder. However, his assassination and the ten years that he was living in the Soviet Union generated wide and controversial conspiracy theories about the assassination.

(With information from EFE and EuropaPress)

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