The United States ended the search for the remains of the downed balloon and concluded that China used it to spy.

FILE PHOTO: An undated release photo from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation taken at an undisclosed location shows FBI special agents assigned to the bureau’s Evidence Response Team processing material recovered from the Chinese high-altitude balloon that was shot down by a US military aircraft off the coast of South Carolina, in this image released by the FBI on February 9, 2023. FBI/Handout via Reuters (HANDOUT/)

USA has completed efforts to recover the remains of the large balloon that was shot down off the coast of South Carolinaand their analysis up to now reinforces the conclusions that it was a chinese spy balloonUS officials assured this Friday.

The officials said that the US believes that the personnel of the The Navy, the Coast Guard and the FBI collected all the remains of the balloon from the bottom of the ocean.. The US Northern Command reported in a statement that recovery operations ended on Thursday and that the final pieces are on their way to the fbi lab in Virginia for analysis. In addition, air and sea restrictions off South Carolina have been lifted.

The announcement marked the end of three dramatic weeks in which US warplanes shot down four aerial objects – the large Chinese balloon and three much smaller objects over Canada, Alaska and Lake Huron – the first known peacetime shootdowns of unauthorized objects in US airspace.

Officials also said the search for the small aerial object that was shot down over Lake Huron has stopped, and nothing has been recovered. The US officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the military operations.

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