The United States invited Spain to the Summit of the Americas

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, speaks at the University of California in Los Angeles (EFE/ EPA/ ETIENNE LAURENT) (EFEM0297/)

Spain was invited by the United States to the Summit of the Americas that will take place in June in Los Angeles (California)as reported this Sunday to the agency EFE diplomatic sources.

The invitation was extended by the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkento its Spanish counterpart, Jose Manuel Albareswho will represent Spain at the event, added these same sources.

Washington announced that the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will not be among the guests considering that they do not respect democracy, which has caused discomfort throughout the continent.

However, the administration of President Joe Biden has not yet publicly revealed the list of countries summoned to the summit, something he hopes to do in the coming days.

The first to raise his voice for the potential exclusion of these three countries was the Mexican president Lopez Obradorwho announced his absence if all the countries of the Americas are not invited, a position to which the Bolivian president later joined, Louis Arce.

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The Caribbean Community (Caricom), which has 15 members, has also questioned its participation for the same reason.and has pointed to pressure from Washington to change his mind.

AMLO announced that he will not attend the Summit of the Americas if the US does not invite the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua (Doug Mills / Pool / Getty Images / AFP) (POOL /)

While the presidents of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez; from Chile, Gabriel Boric; and from Honduras, Xiomara Castro, have not ruled out their participation, but have demanded that no one be excluded from the conclave.

The Summit of the Americas will be held in Los Angeles, California from June 6 to 10, the first time it has been hosted by the United States since the 1994 edition.

One of the main objectives of the regional meeting is the preparation of a joint declaration on migration, at a time when the migratory flow in the American continent is increasing.

The other big question is how to relaunch the economic recovery, after the serious impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

As President Joe Biden tours Asia, his administration is trying to salvage the summit.

An empty summit would undermine US efforts to reassert its influence in Latin America in the face of China’s advances in the region while concerns about a democratic backsliding in the area are growing.

for now, Biden is considering inviting a Cuban representative to attend the summit as an observer, according to a US official who requested anonymity to comment on sensitive discussions.

The regimes of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua were not invited to the Summit of the Americas (Ramon Espinosa/Pool via REUTERS)
The regimes of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua were not invited to the Summit of the Americas (Ramon Espinosa / Pool via REUTERS) (POOL /)

It is unknown if Cuba will accept the invitation, which will be extended to someone from the island’s Foreign Ministry, not the foreign minister himself, and if that will pacify López Obrador.

Even if López Obrador attended, there could be a notable absence, that of Jair Bolsonarothe president of Brazil, the most populous country in Latin America, who has refrained from specifying whether he will attend the summit.

ned price, a spokesman for the State Department, said that the first round of invitations was issued last Thursday, but there could be additions. He declined to specify who has already received the invitations.

He pointed out that it was “understandable” to conjecture about who would attend and pointed out that Biden will be the first US president to attend the summit since 2015, when President Barack Obama traveled to Panama.

President donald trump did not attend the next summit in Peru in 2018 and sent the vice president instead Mike Pence.

“Top of our agenda is that we work together on the core challenges facing our hemisphere,” Price said, such as migration, climate change and the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

With information from EFE and AP

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