The United States sanctioned five Iranian officials for violating women’s rights and blocking the internet

A woman in Tehran (Wana/Reuters) (WANA NEWS AGENCY/)

The United States on Wednesday announced sanctions against five Iranians, including two senior officials in the prison system accused of violating the human rights of women prisoners and an official allegedly responsible for blocking Internet access in the country.

The objective of the sanctions, in the International Women’s Dayis highlight the “abuses” of human rights committed by the Iranian regime, especially against women and girls, explained in a statement the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Blinken made special mention of the abuses committed against Iranian women in the wave of protests that followed the death of the young woman in September last year. Mahsa Aminiwho was arrested for not wearing the wrong flight and died shortly after in police custody.

Those sanctioned are the director general of the northern province of Alborz, Ali Chaharmahaliand the chief of the city of Urmia, Dariush Bakhshiwhom Washington considers “accomplices” in the mistreatment of prisoners, including torture, rape, and other cruel and inhumane treatment.

Another of those sanctioned is Mahdi Amiria senior official in the specialized cyberspace unit of the Office of the Attorney General and whom Washington accuses of participating in activities to block internet access and censor certain contentdetailed the State Department.

In addition, the United States sanctioned the commander-in-chief of the Islamic Republic Army, the General Abdolrahim Mousaviand the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in West Azerbaijan province (northwest), Habib Shahsavari.

General Mohammad Bagheri (left) is one of those sanctioned by the US (Wana/Reuters)
General Mohammad Bagheri (left) is one of those sanctioned by the US (Wana/Reuters) (WANA NEWS AGENCY/)

The two have been sanctioned for the role they allegedly played in the repression of protests for Amini’s death.

The death of this 22-year-old Kurdish girl sparked the biggest protests in decades against the Islamic Republic, led by young people shouting “woman, life, freedom”, who have almost disappeared after a repression that has caused some 500 deaths and in which four demonstrators have been hanged.

In his statement, Blinken stated that Washington remains concerned about the actions of the Iranian authorities for the use of violence to suppress these peaceful protests. “The United States remains deeply concerned that the Iranian authorities continue to suppress dissent and peaceful protests, including through mass arrests, show trials, hasty executions, the detention of journalists, and the use of sexual violence as a means to suppress protests,” it said. you can read in the letter.

He also stressed that they continue to take measures “to support the people of Iran against these and other Human Rights abuses” jointly “with allies and partners around the world.”

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