The United States will announce a new aid package for Ukraine and more sanctions for Russia

To maintain a balance, Russia put forward two demands: an endorsement of non-expansion from NATO and the restitution of the population of eastern Ukraine. When they were not answered, the order was given for the military operation (AFP)

The US government will present a new humanitarian aid package to Ukraine this Friday, the day on which the first anniversary of the Russian invasion is commemorated. In addition, the White House will announce new sanctions against Russia.

“The United States will implement radical sanctions against key sectors that generate income for Putin,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on the eve of the anniversary of the start of the war.

For her part, this Thursday the deputy administrator of the Agency for International Development (usaid), Isobel Colemanannounced the new aid package at a press conference but did not offer details and only specified that it will contain some aid related to the energy sector.

Russia’s war campaign in Ukraine celebrates one year this Friday without any signs of an agreement to end hostilities and everything points to the war continuing over time, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted on Tuesday.

To support the people of Ukraine, Coleman recalled, USAID has provided more than $15 billion in humanitarian, economic, and development assistance to address urgent needs created by the war.

In addition, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, The US has allocated 29.3 billion dollars in military aid to kyivwhich makes it the largest donor of military assistance since the beginning of the war.

The resolution of the Kiev leadership in relation to ruling out any foreign and security policy alternative that did not go through joining NATO, left Moscow faced with the option of force (AFP)
The resolution of the Kiev leadership in relation to ruling out any foreign and security policy alternative that did not go through joining NATO, left Moscow faced with the option of force (AFP)

Coleman insisted today on the vision of President Joe Biden to continue supporting the European country until it is necessary, but he wanted to distance himself from the word victory.

“Victory is really a term for the Ukrainians to define, not for the United States. So I will continue to underline the fact that we will support Ukraine and walk with them as long as they need us, ”he noted.

The Ukrainian people, he added, “has shown us that they are not only capable of winning the war, but also of winning their future, ensuring their own prosperity, independence and democracy.”

Coleman recalled that two weeks ago he visited Kiev, a trip in which he announced the delivery to the Ukrainian government of a mobile gas turbine plant with a capacity of 28 megawatts (MW), enough to supply electricity to at least 100,000 homes.

Biden himself visited the Ukrainian capital this weekin a trip that was kept secret until it was underway, and with which he wanted to make it clear that the United States will remain by Ukraine’s side “as long as it is necessary.”

Spain and Finland send tanks

On the other hand, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchezconfirmed this Thursday in kyiv before the head of the Ukrainian state, Volodimir Zelenskythat Spain will send 6 Leopard tanks to kyiv and could increase aid to 10 tanks.

We are going to send six Leopard 2 A4″, said Sánchez, who added that the “intention” of his government is “to go from 6 to 10 in the coming weeks and months” the number of tanks that Spain will deliver to Ukraine.

In addition to confirming the shipment of 6 tanks, which was advanced on Wednesday by the Defense Minister, Daisy RoblesSánchez also recalled that Spain will train Ukrainian soldiers in driving these war vehicles.

For his part, the Finnish Defense Minister, Mikko Savolaalso confirmed that Finland send to three tanks “Leopard 2″ to Ukraine and will provide the Ukrainian armed forces with training in its use and maintenance.

According to local media, the three “Leopard 2” armored cars that Finland will send to Ukraine are designed for mine clearance and explosive devices unexploded and do not have cannons, although they are equipped with machine guns.

With information from EFE and AFP

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