The United States will announce a new military aid package for Ukraine for USD 2.6 billion

FILE PHOTO: The Patriot missile system sent by the United States to Ukraine (REUTERS/Kacper Pempel) (KACPER PEMPEL/)

A new US military aid package to Ukraine is expected to be announced as early as Monday from $2.6 billionwhich could include air surveillance radars, anti-tank rockets and tankers to fight Russia, three US officials said Friday.

A half-dozen types of munitions, including those for tanks, would be on the list of equipment that could be finalized this weekend, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity, adding that the dollar amount and specific equipment on the package could change.

would include aerial munitions weapons, bridging equipment that Ukraine would use to assault Russian positions, and more ammunition for air defenses NASAMSwhich the United States and its allies have provided to kyiv.

The aid consists of $2.1 billion in arms aid from Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) funding, which allows the Biden administration to buy weapons from industry rather than from US arsenals. .

The Javeline anti-tank system (Reuters)
The Javeline anti-tank system (Reuters) (JONATHAN ERNST /)

The remaining 500 million, mainly ammunition to help kyiv push forward a spring offensive against the Russian invasionwould come from funds of the Presidential Arms Reduction Authority, which allows recourse to the current stocks of the United States in case of emergency.

Since the invasion, the United States has committed security assistance to Ukraine for more than 30,000 million dollars.

On the other hand, the IMF board gave its approval on Friday to an announced aid plan for 15.6 billion dollars for Ukraine, signed on March 21 with Kiev, the agency said in a statement.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky with IMF head Kristalina Georgieva (Reuters)
Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky with the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva (Reuters) (UKRAINIAN PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SER /)

The decision opens the door to a first disbursement of $2.7 billion to Ukraine.

It is a four-year plan to “sustain the gradual economic reactivation” of the country “creating the conditions for long-term growth, in a context of reconstruction after the conflict and on the way to its accession to the European Union,” it indicates. the text.

Since February 24, 2022, when the Russian invasion began, Ukraine has received more than $20 billion in loans or grants from the World Bank and more than $110 billion from the United States, including military support.

A large part of these resources allowed Ukraine to keep public services running and pay salaries to its officials, as well as ensure care for internally displaced persons.

The IMF estimates a partial and gradual economic recovery for Ukraine this year, particularly thanks to the maintenance of essential infrastructure, such as the electricity grid, which is still under attack by Russia.

(With information from Reuters and AFP)

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