The University of Miami offers a solution to the shortage of teachers in the United States

With a special one-semester course, UM students are enabled to work as teachers (REUTERS/Brian Snyder) (BRIAN SNYDER/)

There is no other way to say it: lack of teachers. Throughout the country, but mainly in the large cities of the United States. It is not usually a well-paid job, but one that requires great dedication and university studies. Over the years, fewer and fewer people want to get into this profession (despite good benefits and job stability), and the problem has been increasing. With the pandemic, like many other things, this situation has been exacerbated.

Given this situation, the University of Miami (UM) has decided to take action on the matter. Partnering with two non-governmental organizations, Achieve Miami and Teach for America Miami-Dade, they decided to launch the Teacher Acceleration Program initiative.

As of the spring semester, which begins this JanuaryStudents in their last year of undergraduate degrees who have not considered teaching as a career can turn their working lives around by taking an extra course that will secure them a job in the classroom.

University of Miami (Photo: Instagram@univmiami)
The University of Miami is the largest private higher education institution in South Florida (Photo: [email protected])

Even if they are pursuing any other career that has nothing to do with education, the university offers them to take a subject for a semester on teaching that will qualify them to be elementary school teachers in the Miami Dade public school system. Not only does it enable them, but it guarantees them a job there if they want it.

The UM School of Education is behind the initiative, along with Achieve Miami, an organization dedicated to bridging social and cultural differences among Miami-Dade students, and Teach for America Miami-Dade, an organization dedicated to recruiting college graduates. throughout the country to incorporate them into teaching in schools in low-income areas.

The creators of the program see it as a pilot test. Given the nationwide teacher shortage, if this project is successful in Miami it could easily be replicated in other cities across the country.

The public school system promised to hire 50 graduates of this program next semester. So far there are 20 enrolled in the special class, which has no cost to the student and is financed through private donations. There is time until January 17 to register.

Although there is only one class that is offered, the organizers warn that the load is intense. UM has had a similar accelerated program for nurses for years, which, according to university officials, has worked very well and gives them hope that this education program will also be successful.

The university offers 284 majors and students from all of them can choose to participate in this pilot program and try out in the field of education.

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