The unusual detail that kept Diego Maradona from being champion with the Dorados de Sinaloa

Maradona lost his first final as a coach in Mexico due to a failure in the communication radios (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)

The story of Diego Armando Maradona it was written inside and outside of numerous stadiums around the world. Nevertheless, Mexico has a special place among all its chapters. After being crowned with Argentina, during the 1986 World Cup, the Fluff He returned years later with the slogan of get a coaching title. His merits led him to a couple of finals with the Dorados de Sinaloa, although an indiscipline and unusual communication radios error they kept him from sealing the desired goal in his professional career.

The Argentine star came to the technical direction of the Dorados de Sinaloa in September 2018. At a time when the possibility of promotion and relegation was still in force, Diego charged with the hope of a city to return the representative team to the maximum circuit of the Mexican soccer. The magic that came to show with his feet suddenly contagious his pupils and reached the final in his first tournament in front.

The first leg gave him hope. Despite a close encounter, the Sinaloans managed to score a goal in the 73rd minute, but in the last minutes an event occurred that determined the visit of the Dorados to the Alfonso Lastras Stadium. The Argentinian got into an argument with Alfonso Sosa, helmsman of Atlético de San Luis, and some members of the refereeing body, so that the central judge threw him out of the match.

During his time in Los Dorados de Sinaloa he played and lost two finals (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)
During his time in Los Dorados de Sinaloa he played and lost two finals (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS) (HENRY ROMERO /)

“It gives courage because they send him off in the first leg And the truth is that they should not have expelled him and there the referee became the protagonist, because he expelled Diego and did not kick out Sosa. Totally unbalanced the issue of the referee and the fact that Diego was not on the bench in the final, in the second game, with an advantage, was decisive “, recalled Mario García, Maradona’s assistant during his time with Los Dorados, to ESPN.

So it happened. The momentum remained strong and the Golds hit first on the return, Well at minute 32 they were already winning by two to zero. Diego, serving the suspension from the rostrum, gave directions through a radio to your technical assistant. Despite conceding a goal, Edson Rivera extended the overall lead to three-for-one in the 56th minute. the Argentine began his modifications, but a fault was interposed in the communication device.

“That final is lost because Maradona was not in the band and communication with radios is blocked. There is a change that is made ahead of time, that disrupts the offensive tendency that the team had, because we were winning by two goals, ”declared García.

His legacy in Sinaloa only lasted one year (Photo: Rashide Frías / AFP)
His legacy in Sinaloa only lasted one year (Photo: Rashide Frías / AFP) (RASHIDE FRIAS /)

Seeing himself up on the scoreboard with two goals ahead and about 40 minutes to go, Diego wanted to close their ranks and bet on a defensive scheme, as well as on the occasional kickbacks that could give you one more goal to secure the advantage. However, the failure in the radio prevented the members of his technical team from doing them on time and the control of the meeting was retaken by San Luis.

Diego Barbosa, defender of the Dorados, favored the rivals with an own goal in the 65 ‘. It was until then that the changes were implemented, But it was too late. Ten minutes later, Ian González scored the goal that matched the actions on the global scoreboard and the match went to extra time. In that instance, Leandro torres gave victory to the locals.

“I was there. I clearly have that that final was lost because Diego was not on the bench and he could not give the direct indication because the radios were distorted ”, recalls the assistant. A semester later, the two teams met again in the final of the Closing 2019. However, Diego’s magic did not materialize. He lost his second consecutive final and he left to direct the Gymnastics and Fencing of his native country.


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