The unusual robbery suffered by actor Owen Wilson

Actor Owen Wilson was the victim of a robbery at his home located in Santa Monica, according to a police report revealed by TMZ. Apparently, a homeless man who was passing through the place entered the celebrity’s home and jumped directly into his closet to appropriate some items of clothing.

The man would have taken a number of pajamas, which would force the actor to buy sleeping clothes again.

As indicated by the media, the episode occurred on Tuesday, May 16 at night, while the actor was outside the residence. Likewise, TMZ said that he contacted Wilson’s assistant who arrived at the scene, discovered the intruder with the clothing of the actor from Zoolander and Los Rompebodas.

“He came face to face with the man, before they both left the house in separate directions,” TMZ reported.

Wilson’s assistant called the Santa Monica Police Department, who arrived shortly with sirens and flashing lights to alert them to their presence at the scene. Upon arriving at the actor’s home, they established a perimeter in which they were able to capture the homeless man wearing the comedian’s clothes, in a backyard of one of the houses next to the actor’s.

This is not the first time that the actor has been the victim of assailants at his Santa Monica home, as Wilson once left his Tesla vehicle parked in front of the mansion and the tires of his car were stolen.