The US accused China of lying about the spy balloon: “It is part of a fleet developed for surveillance operations”

The US accused China of lying about the spy balloon that flew over the country: “It is part of a fleet developed to carry out surveillance operations” (REUTERS) (POOL /)

USA pointed this Saturday against China and accused him of having lied about him spy balloon that flew over the country for days. The object, which was marked as a “intolerable violation” of US sovereigntyit was finally shot down Today over the Atlantic Ocean.

“The balloon never sent military or physical threats to the American people, but its intrusion into our airspace for several days was an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty,” they said from the Defense Department.

After last Thursday the Pentagon announced the presence of this spy balloon over the state of Montana -in the northeast of the country- where one of the three fields of nuclear missile silos of the United States and commented that he would closely follow his journey, the administration of President Joe Biden contacted Beijing to demand explanations.

However the Xi Jinping regime He explained to Department of Defense officials that while it was indeed his property, it was not for espionage purposes. On the contrary, they tried to make it less serious by saying that it was about “a civilian airship used for research purposes, mainly meteorological”.

The United States rejected this version. “We spoke directly with Chinese officials through multiple channels, but instead of addressing their intrusion into our airspace, the PRC gave an explanation that lacked credibility”declared from the Defense portfolio.

In turn, he confidently added that the globe “seeked to monitor sensitive military sites”. “Its route over the United States, near many potentially sensitive sites, contradicts the explanation of the government of the People’s Republic of China,” he continued.

Hours before the balloon was removed, another episode further raised the tension between Washington and Beijing, and exposed the regime’s lie. The Pentagon confirmed the presence of a second aircraft flying over Latin America, so the downed “was not the only PRC surveillance balloon operating in the western hemisphere”. Although they could not pinpoint its location, the newspaper The nation from Costa Rica had recently published an article about a flying object with the same characteristics – white, similar to a hot air balloon – that was flying over its space.

All of them “are part of a PRC fleet of balloons, developed to conduct surveillance operations.which have also violated the sovereignty of other countries” as part of an activity carried out “under the leadership of the People’s Liberation Army”the official explained.

The US pointed out that there are more Chinese spy balloons flying over the American continent (AP)
The US pointed out that there are more Chinese spy balloons flying over the American continent (AP) (Andy Wong /)

For his part, the Secretary of the US Department of Defense, Lloyd J Austinconfirmed that after having shot down the spy balloon this Saturday under orders from President Joe Biden, he contacted the Xi Jinping regime.

We have notified the People’s Republic of China of our action. and we are informing allies and partners”, he mentioned while assuring that the remains and the devices he was carrying are being collected from the South Carolina coast to be studied.

In this sense, he pointed out that the President’s instructions to wait for it to be over the water to eliminate it not only “was beneficial” to protect the population of the area and avoid any unfortunate outcome, but it will also allow learn more about the device and its purposes.

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