The US and the European Union will begin a dialogue process on security and defense in 2022

The US and the European Union will begin a process of dialogue on security and defense in 2022 (Francois Lenoir /)

Washington and Brussels announced this Friday that they will begin a dialogue on security and defense, with a first meeting to be held in early 2022 with the aim of “promoting closer cooperation”.

In a joint statement, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and the High Representative for EU Common Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, reaffirmed the “enduring partnership” between the United States and the European Union, as well as “shared commitments with transatlantic security and the confrontation of common security challenges in keeping with the depth of our bond, common values ​​and shared interests ”.

Faced with this, both have welcomed “with satisfaction” the approval by the Board of Directors of the European Defense Agency of a negotiation mandate for an administrative agreement with Washington, while they have pledged to “try to conclude the negotiations soon.”

Recognizing “the importance of a stronger and more capable European defense that contributes to global and transatlantic security”, recalled “the need to develop coherent, complementary and interoperable capacities”, which is why they have supported “the widest possible participation” of the United States in the defense initiatives of the EU.

The EU's High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrel
The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrel (STEPHANIE LECOCQ /)

After the summit between Washington and Brussels in June, Blinken and Borrell announced a dialogue on security and defense with a first meeting that will take place “in early 2022” with the participation of the US Departments of State and Defense and the European External Action Service, as well as the Commission and the European Defense Agency.

Lastly, Blinken and Borrell reaffirmed their “unwavering support for strong NATO-EU cooperation”, so they pledged to “continue working together to raise the level of ambition” of this cooperation to “further strengthen this key strategic partnership that is mutually reinforcing.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (POOL /)

For his part, The American President, Joe Biden said on Friday that he is preparing new policies to stop any Russian plans to invade Ukraine. after Washington and Kiev reported that Moscow had concentrated troops Near the border.

The tensions have skyrocketed in recent weeks after the US Secretary of State, Antony blinken, warn Moscow against an invasion.

Kiev said Russia has deployed around 115,000 soldiers near its borders, in annexed Crimea and in two eastern regions controlled by pro-Russian rebels. The Kremlin denied the allegations and held the United States responsible for allegedly stoking tensions.

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