The US destroyed a Houthi missile that was prepared to be launched against its planes

The US announced the destruction of a Houthi missile that threatened its planes (EUROPA PRESS) (Europa Press/Contact/Mc2 Elexia/)

USA He claimed this Wednesday to have destroyed a missile Yemen’s Houthi rebelsbacked by the Iranian regime, because it represented an “imminent threat” to its planes.

He North American Army carried out attacks against the Houthis unilaterally and together with the United Kingdom to reduce the capacity of rebels to attack the international maritime transportbut it is the first time that it has done so because it constitutes a danger to its planes.

American forces “They attacked and destroyed a Houthi surface-to-air missile prepared to be launched” after determining that “it presented an imminent threat to US aircraft,” the Central Command (CENTCOM) in a statement on social media.

It does not specify the type of plane threatened or the location of the attack. It limits itself to pointing out that it took place in “areas of Yemen controlled by the Houthis.”

This Wednesday the Houthi rebels claimed to have attacked “an American merchant ship” in the Gulf of Aden with several naval missiles, after the bombing of USA against insurgent positions.

The Houthis attacked a US merchant ship in the Gulf of Aden (EUROPA PRESS)
The Houthis attacked a US merchant ship in the Gulf of Aden (EUROPA PRESS) (Europa Press/Contact/Indian Nav/)

The military spokesman for the Houthis, Yahya Sareaidentified the attacked ship as KOI and assured that it was heading to an Israeli port, so the rebels launched “several appropriate naval missiles that directly hit the ship,” according to what he said in a televised speech.

The freighter KOIflag of Liberialeft 20 days ago from the port of Jebel Ali in United Arab Emirates and was heading to cross the canal Suezaccording to several maritime tracking platforms.

Sarea added that this new action took place “a few hours after” The Houthis will launch another barrage of missiles against the US destroyer USS Gravely (DDG 107) in the Red Seawhich according to the US Central Command (CENTCOM) were intercepted by the warship without causing damage.

For their part, the Houthis denounced a new round of bombings USA and of United Kingdom against their positions in Yemen after the attacks against the American destroyer.

Television Al Masiraspokesman for the Houthis, said that the bombing targeted the town of saadaone of the main strongholds of the insurgents in the northwest of the Yemenwhile witnesses informed the agency EFE that an explosion was heard in the northern suburbs of the town, without the objective being known so far.

Yemen's Houthi rebels continue to attack merchant ships in the Red Sea, targeting the US and the United Kingdom (EUROPA PRESS)
Yemen’s Houthi rebels continue to attack merchant ships in the Red Sea, and target the US and the United Kingdom (EUROPA PRESS) (Europa Press/Contact/Osamah Yah/)

The last time Washington and London They jointly bombed the Yemen It was on January 22, in an attack against Houthi positions that had the objective of destroying one of the underground warehouses where the rebels kept some of the missiles they use against ships in the Red Sea.

Since November Houthi rebels attack ships in the Red Sea that they consider linked to Israel. They claim to do so in solidarity with the Palestinians of Loopas the war between Israel and Hamas continues after the Palestinian group’s brutal terrorist attacks last October 7.

But given the reaction of Washington and Londonthe Houthis have also declared American and British interests as legitimate targets.

At the diplomatic and financial level, USA has attempted to put pressure on the Houthis and has put them back on its list of terrorist organizations.

(With information from AFP and EFE)