The US Navy intercepted weapons sent by the Iranian regime to Yemeni rebels

US Navy ships of the US (US NAVY / MC3 JEFF ATHERT/)

The us navy announced this Saturday that he intercepted in a Fishing boat A million of cartridgesin addition to thousands of rocket launchersent from Iran to the territories of Yemen controlled by the Houthi rebels.

This arms shipment was discovered on Thursday during a “flag verification” search, the US Fifth Fleet, whose base is in bahrain.

The Navy specified that this is “the second important seizure of illegal weapons in the last month” on this maritime route.

vice admiral Brad Cooper accused the Iran regime of “illegal shipment of lethal aid” and reproached him for his “destabilizing behavior,” according to a statement.

Iranian weapons being sent to Houthi rebels in Yemen
Iranian weapons being sent to Houthi rebels in Yemen

Iranian authorities claim to support the Houthi rebels, but deny sending them weapons.

The fishing boat intercepted on Thursday was carrying about 7,000 rocket launchers and “propellants used to launch RPG missiles,” the statement said.

The US Navy had already announced in November the seizure of “materials that could be used to make fuel for missiles, as well as explosives” in a ship coming from Iran and destined for the Yemeni rebels.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, Commander of the US Navy Expeditionary Strike Group
Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, commander of the US Navy Expeditionary Strike Group (ISSEI KATO/)

This week there was the arrival of middle East of Tim Lenderingthe envoy of the administration Biden making a support visit to the US Arab partners of the Cooperation Council of the Gulf Countries (CCPG for its acronym in Spanish) the objective of the trip is also to achieve a negotiated solution to the civil war in Yemen.

Lenderking’s mission is a direct message to the Houthi rebels. The representative from Washington stated directly that USA will not accept that the rebel militias continue with their attacks on critical installations of the Sunni Arab countries, for which reason they demanded that the attacks must be stopped immediately, as well as those that are carried out on the commercial ports of Yemen itself, since they affect the arrival and distribution of humanitarian aid that the Yemeni population urgently needs throughout the territory of the country.

As part of the visit, the Department of State came out strongly in a statement earlier this week when Lenderking arrived in Oman on a stopover ahead of his trip to Saudi Arabia to support efforts to reach a consensus to pacify the region. We make a last call to the Houthi rebel groups to immediately cease their attacks on the country’s ports as these illegal operations are interrupting the arrival of necessary resources for all their people and their violent actions deepen the suffering of all Yemen, said the statement from Washington.

The US envoy also made statements reported by the Arab media where he explained that the attacks by the rebel groups do not mean progress for them militarily since their sole purpose is to lead the Yemenis towards a senseless scenario that deepens the violence and the sufferings of the people. The American message is clear, said Lenderking: The Houthis must be reminded at this critical moment that the Yemenis want and ask for peace and in no way for the deepening of the war.

The war in Yemen, which began in 2014, caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and caused one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

A truce, brokered by the UN in April, gave the devastated country a respite for six months, but was not extended after it was concluded at the end of October.

(With information from AFP)

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