The US warned of a “potential international conflict” as instability grows in Eastern Europe

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the Joint State (REUTERS / Joshua Roberts) (JOSHUA ROBERTS /)

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Army, Gen. Mark Milley, warned this Tuesday in Congress that the situation in Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly unstable as a result of the war in Ukraineso it does not rule out a “potential international conflict”.

“The world is becoming more and more unstable and the possibility of an international conflict between the great powers, including China and Russia, has increased”assured General Milley, who has described the invasion of Ukraine as “the greatest threat to the peace and security of Europe and perhaps the world” in his 42 years of service.

“Now we are facing two global powers, China and Russia, one with increasing military capabilities, both with the intention of changing the rules of the current global order,” said Milley, for whom these aspirations have made the world a “more unstable” place.

FILE PHOTO: Members of the Ukrainian army walk near a Ukrainian flag, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in the town of Kozarovychi, in the kyiv region, Ukraine, on April 2, 2022 (REUTERS/Gleb Garanich )
FILE PHOTO: Members of the Ukrainian army walk near a Ukrainian flag, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in the town of Kozarovychi, in the kyiv region, Ukraine, on April 2, 2022 (REUTERS/Gleb Garanich ) (GLEB GARANICH/)

Milley appeared this Tuesday with the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, before a commission of the United States Congress to answer about the help that Washington can deploy to its Ukrainian and NATO partnersespecially the one that has to do with the delivery of weapons and military equipment.

Among the Washington initiatives, Milley has spoken of establishing permanent military bases on the territory of his European partners, especially in the Baltic countries, Poland or Romania, although with their troops rotating between them to create a constant deterrent.

Questioned by some Republican representatives about the possible failure of the United States to dissuade Russian President Vladimir Putin from his aggression on Ukraine, Milley has pointed out that It would only have been possible to avoid what happened if the United States had deployed troops on Ukrainian soil, a scenario that, moreover, he himself would have discouraged.

(Photo: Franco Fafasuli)
A soldier walks through the streets of Bucha, Ukraine (Photo: Franco Fafasuli) (Franco Fafasuli/)

“I think that the idea of ​​dissuading Putin from invading Ukraine … would have required the commitment of the United States military forces and that this would have meant an armed conflict with Russiawhich I would not have advised, “he said, according to the chain CNN.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that while sanctions “have a very poor deterrence record”, they have so far managed to “impose significant costs” that “they are breaking the back of the Russian economy right now.”

Austin expressed himself in a similar way, who pointed out that At no time was it the objective of the Administration of President Joe Biden to dissuade Putin from sending the military to Ukraine.

”It was a decision we made early, We are not going to put forces in Ukraine to fight Russia.” settled the head of Defense.

General Mark Milley (REUTERS/Tom Brenner)
General Mark Milley (REUTERS/Tom Brenner) (TOM BRENNER/)

In addition, Milley predicted this Tuesday that the conflict in Ukraine will last “for years”, after Russia invaded the neighboring country on February 24.

On Monday, the White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan assured that Russia is “reviewing its objectives” in the Ukraine war and plans to focus on the east and part of the south instead of trying to invade the entire country, predicting that the new phase of the conflict will be “long”.

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