The vice that Cristian Nodal is trying to leave

Cristian Nodal has recognized that he has a vice in which he is working to be a better person. The singer chose last May 11 to begin to heal from this problem and decided to make it public so that the example spreads among his followers.

That vice is tobacco, as he himself explained on his Twitter account in which he wrote:

“I want to share something with you… Without making a long story short, cigarettes have been in my life in the worst and best moments, but I’m tired of the necessary evils. I swore never to smoke a cigarette in my life. I’ve been 3 days and abstinence is hell. BUT IF I CAN YOU CAN!”

Nodal has been down lately, living precisely one of his worst moments because of the breakup with Belinda, which has caused him criticism and scandals, the most recent when the singer’s mother applauded a message in which she called “naco” a Christian.

In response, the singer posted a conversation he had with Belinda in which she allegedly asks him for money.

It is in this scenario that Nodal has decided to quit smoking, which has put him in another dilemma.

“I know that many of my audience do not smoke, but the message is not the cigarette. It is that we can send to hell everything that destroys us and at the same time makes us feel good. I send you a lot of love and peace,” he wrote just one day before the controversy with his ex-fiancée exploded.

Curiously, the response from the fans has been absolutely supportive and they have shared similar experiences with tobacco addiction and have even offered some advice and told their own story.

With those messages of support, Nodal published a third tweet that same May 14.

“The good thing is that there are vapes, I hate them but they work when I can’t stand it anymore.”

Nodal has promised that he will show the progress in his fight against his addiction, which could become a good sign now that, he says, he has also begun to heal emotionally from the wounds of his breakup with Belinda.