The video showing the Hamas tunnel where Israeli hostages were held in inhumane conditions

The Israeli Army published the videos showing the tunnel recently found in Khan Younisin the south of Gaza, where he assured that Israeli captives were held at the hands of Hamas, and which it ended up destroying.

“The soldiers of the 98th Division operated in an underground tunnel in Khan Youniswhere hostages had been found” and that had “a length of 830 meters and 20 meters deep“, the military spokesman reported on Sunday Daniel Hagari it’s a statement.

Access to the tunnel “was full of booby traps and inside there were many obstacles, explosives, sliding doors and armored doors“said the army.

The doors were explosion proof (FDI)

When the soldiers advanced through the tunnel “several terrorists were found”, with whom they confronted and those they “eliminated”, while the hostages had already been transferred to another place.

In addition, the Army detailed that in the underground network there were “a central room, where hostages were kept, as well as five cells with bars”the points where the troops “located findings that indicated that there were hostagesintelligence information and traps of the terrorist organization Hamas.”

Israel tunnel in Gaza
Inside the tunnel, troops found five narrow holding cells, each with a mattress and a toilet. (IDF)

“According to testimonies, there were about 20 hostages in the tunnel at various times.””Hagari specified.

The spokesperson explained that The kidnapped people lived without natural light, dense air and high humidity, making it difficult to breathe.. Some of the detained people have already been released, including a five-year-old girl, Emilia Aloni, who left drawings at the site. Others remain held by Hamas.

Israel tunnel in Gaza
Soldiers found drawings of Emilia Aloni, the 5-year-old girl released in November

According to him, the underground network – which made up a branched network – was “in the heart of a civilian area in Khan Younis”, where the Army continues to operate on the ground.

In addition, “The access to the tunnel was located at the residence of a Hamas terrorist”according to “the Intelligence services, in their construction of They invested millions”and after inspection by the troops, they destroyed the infrastructure, the Army added.

The Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallantanticipated yesterday that the offensive around Khan Younisin the south, was going to expand in the coming days, after they have managed to reach the southernmost flank of that city.

He also suspects that the leader of Hamas in Gaza is hiding in the tunnels of that city, Yahya Sinwar.

Terrorists killed in the north of the Strip

Column of smoke after a bombardment by the Israeli Army against the city of Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip (Europa Press/Contact/Said Khatib)
Column of smoke after a bombardment by the Israeli Army against the city of Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip (Europa Press/Contact/Said Khatib) (Europa Press/Contact/Said Khati/)

As it intensifies its military offensive around Khan Younis, the Israeli Army eliminated several Hamas “terrorist cells” in the northern and central Gaza Strip in the last few hours.

“In the center of the Gaza Strip, a terrorist cell that was advancing towards the forces in the area was murdered and was trying to ambush the troops,” a military statement reported.

It was a joint operation between ground forceswho identified the suspects, and the air force, which launched the attack.

In the north of the enclave, troops also identified another “armed terrorist cell” and responded with fire, killing one of its members.

“Then a plane attacked and killed the remaining terrorists. Another Israeli fighter plane attacked the military complex in which the cell operated,” the Army added.

For more than a week, the Army has entered into a “low intensity” offensive in the north of the enclave, although localized operations are still carried out; while the attacks in the center, where the troops managed to advance towards the Nuserirat refugee campand the south of the Strip have hardened in recent days.

The death toll in the Strip after 108 days of war exceeds 25,100 and 62,680 injured, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas.

(With information from EFE)