The video that a passenger recorded inside the Japan Airlines plane while it was on fire and how they escaped the fire

They first met dramatic images taken by a passenger from inside a plane Japan Airlines (JAL) that is fire this Tuesday on the court Haneda airport, Tokyo.

In the video you can see the landing of the aircraft and the fire on the runway from a passenger window, as the cabin begins to fill with smoke.

The 379 passengers and crew from the plane were evacuatedaccording to images from a fixed camera of the Japanese network NHK.

The plane, flight number 516, came from New Chitose airport in Hokkaido (northern Japan) and had landed a few minutes before the collision shortly after 6 p.m. (local time, 9 GMT), as detailed. NHK.

Although the reason for the fire is unknown, the plane would have started burning after a collision with another Japanese Coast Guard aircraftaccording to the first reports on the ground, where several fire trucks are trying to put out the fire.

The total number of people who were on the plane, 367 passengers and 12 crew members, managed to be evacuated from the ship, an Airbus A350, while one person was evacuated from the Coast Guard plane, which is based in Haneda. He managed to escape and the situation of his other five crew members is unknown.

Neither the Japanese Coast Guard nor the Meteorological Agency pointed out the reason for the accident, since no adverse weather conditions had occurred nor strong winds, as they noted.

In the images provided by NHKa large flame can be seen coming out of the plane, as well as a large column of black smoke and numerous fire trucks, although the fire would already be under control, according to the latest reports.

Japan had not suffered a serious commercial aviation accident in decades.

The worst was in 1985when a JAL jumbo jet flying from Tokyo to Osaka crashed in the central Gunma region, causing the death of 520 passengers and crew.

That disaster was one of the world’s deadliest airline accidents in a single flight.

Haneda is one of the busiest airports in Japanand many people travel during the New Year holidays.

(With information from EFE and AFP)