The video that shows the moment of the deadly machete attack against a sacristan in Spain

The images of the murder by a young moroccan still sacristan of a church in Algeciras made themselves known through social networks and caused shock in Spain.

In the video that went viral, you can hear screams of panic and fear of the passers-by who passed by the place of the events. “He has killed him, he has killed him”repeats over and over again who seems to have recorded the images.

Then the killer is seen Yasine Kanjaa walking calm and proudlike celebrating what has been done and doing obeisances to the neighbors who witnessed the crime of sacristan Diego Valencia.

The Spanish police investigate how possible jihadist attack The agression with a machete of great dimensions. Yasine Kanjaa then seriously injured the priest of another church, in addition to causing damage to three other people.

Kanza, 25 years old, was dressed in a black djellaba and armed with a machete; he could be a lonely wolf and, consequently, to be a attack for jihadist purposesAlthough this point is pending investigation by the Police, which has taken over the investigations.

Image of a body covered by a thermal sheet at the scene of an attack on a church in Algeciras, southern Spain. January 25, 2023. FORTA/via REUTERS/Handout via REUTERS (FORTA/)

As indicated to efe sources close to the investigation this Thursday, the alleged attacker, who was pending deportation to your countryscream “death to Christians” and “Allah is great” while carrying out his action in the Cadiz town of Algeciras.

The Ministry of the Interior reported this Thursday that it had expulsion order from Spain because of his irregular immigration status but had no criminal record.

“An expulsion file was opened for irregular situation last June” against the suspect, an “administrative procedure (…) whose execution is not immediate,” a ministry spokesman explained in a message to journalists.

“The detainee He has no criminal record or for terrorism, neither in Spain nor in other allied countries”, added the spokesman, who assured that the suspect had not been under police surveillance “neither in the last days nor previously”.

The ministry pointed out that during the early hours of Thursday a search was carried out in the Yasin Kanza’s house and that “all the seized effects” are being analyzed.

(With information from EFE)

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