The violent blow to Cristiano Ronaldo that scared everyone: he ended up with a bloody nose

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*The violent blow to Cristiano Ronaldo

Rarely in his career was an image like this seen: Cristiano Ronaldo stunned with his nose bleeding non-stop and doctors worried about what happened. This unexpected scene took place during the clash between Portugal and the Czech Republic corresponding to the group stage of the UEFA Nations League.

The Portuguese captain went to dispute a ball, the goalkeeper Tomás Vaclik tried to prevent the striker from arriving first and ended up hitting him hard in the face. CR7 fell badly to the ground and the specialists quickly entered the field to assist him. The image was worrying: the 37-year-old soccer player lying on the grass holding his face while blood fell from his nose.

Doctors had to assist Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo: Reuters) (DAVID W CERNY/)

After the attention he received, he ended up with a band-aid on his nose and also a bandage on one of his nostrils. When he was leaving the field accompanied by assistants, he was still shocked by the blow he received, although seconds later he re-entered the match.

Were going just 12 minutes into the first half when this fact paralyzed hearts in the fortune sand of Prague where the Czechs received the Portuguese to face the fifth date of Group A2 of this contest that brings together all the European countries in three divisions. The detail is that the judge Srdjan Jovanovic did not sanction anything since the play had been invalidated previously due to offside.

It was a first stage for oblivion on a personal level for the figure of that country. Although his team managed to score two goals through Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot, when he was about to finish the first half the referee sanctioned a penalty for the local through the VAR for a handball by Cristiano in the area behind a cross. Fortunately for him, Patrik Schick shot the penalty over the crossbar.

The Portuguese arrived at this penultimate date with 7 units, placing behind the leader, Spain (8). The detail is that on the last day, which will take place next Tuesday, September 27, both countries will face each other in Portuguese lands to settle the ticket to the Final Four that will be held in mid-2023.

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