The violent comment from fans that would have infuriated LeBron James in the middle of the NBA game

Lebron James accustomed fans to living the routine of the extraordinary with his brilliant actions in the NBA for almost two decades. However, in recent days his figure was more associated with other situations outside of what is strictly linked to the game. Beyond the elbow that earned him the second red card of his career and the first penalty of his professional sports life, in the last hours he made a singular procedure with two fans rivals in the middle of the game: asked that they be expelled from the stadium.

King James was the great figure of the triumph of Los Angeles Lakers 124-116 against Indiana Pacers in the game that marked his comeback after the Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart elbow punishment. But the most resonant scene came with two minutes remaining and with his team up on the scoreboard by three points: he approached the judge, pointed to a couple of fans and caused them to be removed from their seats located in the first rows of the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in indianapolis

“When obscene language and gestures come into play, it cannot be tolerated. There is a difference between cheering on your team and not wanting the other team to win and things that I would never say to a fan and that they should not say to me.”, Had justified his actions LeBron, according to USA Today, although he did not provide too many details of the motive behind his fury.

During the last hours, the Spanish media Mark and Ace they echoed a rumor surrounding the phrase that would have made James explode with fury: “I hope Bronny dies in a car accident.”. The violent comment was also raised by the North American site specialized in the subject Clutch Points. Bronny is LeBron’s eldest son who is speculated to be could appear in the NBA Draft during 2023, just when the King he will become a free agent.

Regardless of this happening with the fans, the former Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat scored 39 points, his greatest contribution of the season, to lead the Lakers to win a game in which he had to hit a triple to break the tie in overtime and then score another long-range shot to end the fight.

Eyes will now be focused on what happens on the next Sunday, November 28 when the Lakers host the Staples Center of the Detroit Pistons in a duel that will mark James’ reunion with Stewart, the player who was brutally elbowed recently and was sent off from the game.


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