The viral blooper of a journalist and her cameraman in the Madrid Metro

A Spanish journalist starred in a fun moment that went viral on social media: she entered a train with her cameraman, but was unable to get out with him.

Sandra Mir I was recording a note about the end of the mandatory nature of masks on public transport for the Spanish channel’s newscast Telecinco. The journalist was on a platform of the Madrid’s Underground, at the Plaza de Castilla station. She got on a wagon while talking about it and walked through it to get back out.

However, as he was speaking to the camera from the platform, the doors of the train closed. At that moment the cameraman, who was filming her from inside the carriage, got trapped.

“Oh, shit!” Mir exclaims, surprised, raising her hand to her face. In the background, you can hear the passengers laugh who attended the scene.

It was the journalist herself who shared the video on social networks, taking the mishap with humor.

“I still laugh at what happened to us yesterday… WATCH OUT AT THE END,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The clip went viral, recording so far 3.4 million reproductions.

“There is nothing more gratifying than thousands of people telling me that they can’t stop laughing at this video, so tomorrow I promise to upload another one!”, he wrote hours later.

Mir later published another short clip on his account in which you can see the return to the platform of Pedro Pablo Almelathe cameraman who accompanied her.

“Here he is returning after his express trip on the Madrid Metro with an air of abandonment,” he wrote.

He also clarified that the blooper it happened while they were going on the air live. “It was a direct false. She had done it right the first time, but we wanted to do it again,” she told Telecinco.

The cameraman, the other protagonist of the story, also took the episode with humor.

“The laughter from the entire wagon when the doors closed was deserved. Those who had seen it told those who hadn’t, even if they didn’t know each other, and between laughter and nonsense I reached the next station. End,” he wrote on Twitter. And he concluded: “’Don’t abandon your camera, he never would’”.

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