The Wanders Lover talks about the depression that knocked her down for almost a year and led her to be overweight

The death of who was her best friend and her personal assistant for 10 years meant a hard blow for Yered Licona –better known as La Wanders Lover–; This painful loss left the actress with very strong emotional and health consequences that she has been trying to heal for a year, since in October 2021 it was when her right hand died due to a stroke: “It was super painful, overnight the morning left us, she lived with me, we were eating with the family, and suddenly half of her body began to sleep… We lost her in almost no time. At 33 years old, she left us, and her death completely knocked me down, she gave me a very strong picture of depression ”.

Wanders confessed to us that the depression she suffered was so serious that she even lost the desire to move on: “I spent eight months with this depression and I gained weight, I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t want to work, I didn’t want to go out anywhere or drive, I just wanted to be asleep, sometimes I ate a lot and sometimes nothing, I didn’t want to fix myself, I spent it crying, it gave me an anxiety that I can’t explain, I felt fear, anguish, it was desperate, it had never happened, it was very strong, ”explained the actress.

However, Yered knew that he had to get up from that situation because he had three girls to fight for; He decided to go to therapy and do everything in his power to recover: “I had to go to psychologists and get support from the people who love me, from my family… It has been something very difficult to heal and I have learned to live with that pain , to be without her; Thank God I’m better now, but now I know that everything I’ve been through has helped me to be stronger. I am stronger than I thought, and I know that everything happens for a reason; I believe that you come to this world to live your life to the fullest, with what you get, and you can’t change anything”.


Being overweight was one of the consequences of the depression with which he has had to deal; For her this was something very delicate, because her work is based, to a large extent, on her image, but she could not do anything, she began to gain weight without stopping… “I had about 11 kilos on top and it was very heavy to lose them; in fact, four months ago I had lipo, and that helped me lift my spirits. I was excited to see my body well again, that I could get into my clothes again; It was a very drastic change, but thank God I was back to being me again, ”La Wanders Lover told us, who came to weigh 71 kilos, while her average weight was always fifty-something.

“Right now I weigh 65, I’m still missing it, but that’s where I take it,” she told us excitedly. “We have an open relationship” In this process, Radamés de Jesús has been a great support for her, he has been by her side through thick and thin; Even so, she revealed, they have decided not to live together: “We are doing well, everyone in his house; we work together, I think that being like this we get along better”.

The couple has had a very intense and stormy love story; Seven years ago, the actress denounced the comedian for domestic violence, and although things were fixed between them, their relationship has been a constant of breakups and reconciliations: “We are not a couple as such, but we are together all the time, we see each other with the girls, we go out, sometimes we kiss and sometimes we don’t, we have a more open relationship. Everything we have been through has dragged us to create this relationship that, I believe, has already reached a more mature level of love. We are an abnormal couple.”

“my closet doesn’t fit in his” The Wanders Lover told us if, in this context, she and Radamés have agreed to be able to go out with someone else: “We had agreed that he was going to look for a date and so did I, but I’m I was very jealous and I told him: ‘I can do it, but you can’t’, and I think he didn’t like it, and since I’m coming out of this depression, I haven’t searched and I’ve clung to Radames a lot; what happened with my friend was so strong that he totally dedicated himself to me and I thank him very much”.

On whether it is possible that they return to one hundred, living under the same roof, La Wanders told us: “We have tried several times, but right now it is very difficult, although sometimes I stay at his house and he stays at mine, and we take turns with the girls when he works, but I do believe that it is better that everyone has their own space. ; my closet does not fit in his, and I am happy in my house. Besides, we are neighbors and we are almost together”.


After the episode of violence that they experienced and that took them to court, Radamés gave up alcohol and “changed a lot, I think that this situation made us hit rock bottom; He went to therapy because I sued him, it was a very strong process, and all of that led us to have good results. Thank God he did change, he no longer drinks and continues to attend Alcoholics Anonymous talks; He also continues with his therapist, and the fact that he has shown me all of this I value very much, ”said the actress.

He clarified that when he sued him, it was the only time there were any blows in their relationship: “and it was because he was drunk, we started arguing, we fought, I hit him and he came back from my hair, that was the only time, but our relationship did not it was like that, it was only a moment; we realized that alcohol was the one that affected us, and now alcohol is no longer in our lives and that is wonderful”.

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