The wave of polar cold continues that hits the northeast of the United States and eastern Canada

The wave of polar cold that hits the northeastern United States and eastern Canada continues (AFP) (AFP /)

The image of streets covered by a white blanket on Friday was repeated this Saturday. Again, the Northeast United States and the eastern canada woke up with polar temperatures which have led to declines in record levels and dangerous conditions for the people.

Both the inhabitants and the tourists of NY they are used to low temperatures during the first months of the year. However, the Central Park thermometer marked the -16 degrees today and forced the authorities to define that the shelters for homeless people can not turn away anyone who comes, despite being collapsed.

meanwhile, in Boston the temperature dropped to -34 degrees and this Friday the schools had to close as a precaution after the authorities recommended that people not leave their homes unless strictly necessary.

A wave of polar cold hits Canada
In Boston the temperature dropped to -34 degrees and the authorities asked people not to leave their homes (EFE)

The local weather service Maine showed that there the thermal sensation was even lower, exceeding the -50 degrees in the small town of Frenchville, on the Canadian border. In that sense, the mt. washington -the highest peak in the northeast of the country, in the state of New Hampshire- recorded a new record of -78 degrees tonight Friday, according to the United States Weather Service (NSW).

According to the specialized site The Weather Channel, the lowest figure recorded until then in this site famous for having one of the worst climates in the world, had been -74 degrees.

Stephen Baronfrom NSW, explained that this was a “arctic intrusion” and that “sometimes in the winter the jet stream descends and the arctic oscillation allows cold air to reach our area for a day or two.”

Faced with this situation, the authorities urged the population to remain in their homes and, if they go outside, expose themselves to the elements for as little time as possible, since there is a risk of frostbite.

While most people followed the experts’ warnings, some were forced to leave anyway.

Gin Koo, 36, who got three shirts and a down jacketplus a hat and a caphe commented to the agency PA: “I don’t remember ever being this cold. Not since 2015.” For his part, Paul Butler45, has lived on the streets of Boston since he was evicted in December 2021 and took shelter in South Stationwhich authorities kept open overnight so the homeless would have a place to stay warm.

These low temperatures left, this Friday, a dead baby in Southwick, Massachusetts. Also, strong winds brought down a branch on the vehicle of a 23-year-old woman in Winstead, Connecticut, who had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

In Canada very similar temperatures were recorded. The Executive even issued alerts for extreme cold in much of Quebec and the maritime provinces, where -40 and -50 degrees were reached depending on the region.

A wave of polar cold hits Canada with temperatures down to -30 degrees
The Executive of Canada issued alerts for extreme cold in much of Quebec and the Maritime provinces (Twitter: @alisherbhati)

In it montréal international airportduring the early morning, the temperature dropped to -29 degrees although the thermal sensation was significantly lower, -41 degrees.

This situation led to a record electricity consumption in Quebec during Friday, so the Hydro Quebec company asked users to reduce heating by one or two degrees and use hot water sparingly.

The authorities also ordered that the shelters for the homeless or those who cannot adequately heat their homes, although users on social networks have denounced that due to the rapid saturation of these sites, many were left out in the open.

A wave of polar cold hits Canada
One user exposed that many homeless people were left on the streets because government shelters were saturated very quickly (Twitter: @ChrisYphoto)

On the other hand, the low temperatures forced the organizers of the Quebec Carnival to postpone the start of the festival from Friday to Saturday due to the risk of freezing to which attendees were exposed.

The NWS also reported that it is expected that The temperature rises this Sunday.

(With information from AFP and AP)

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