The WhatsApp Web trick to stop appearing Online

Hide the ‘online’ from WhatsApp Web. (photo: Mag El Comercio)

Sometimes, many users get tired that the social media share information about all the activity that one does; and in the case of WhatsApp, some functions like double check or the updates of ‘Last connection time’ or the controversial ‘Online’ can become tedioussince they make users feel compelled to respond immediately to a conversation in which they do not want to participate or simply do not generate interest in them.

For this, in the mobile version there is an option that allows removing the blue check, which represents the read receipt, plus an option that suspends the display of the ‘last time’ at the top of the chat. This does not mean that when a person enters the apps it will go unnoticed, it will simply appear online and when you close WhatsApp, nothing but your name will appear.

However, what about the web version? Is there a way to prevent contacts from knowing when a person is online when they log in from a computer or laptop? Yes, there is, or at least when used Google Chrome What browser predetermined.

It’s that easy to remove the ‘Online’ in WhatsApp Web

Before starting, it should be noted that, in order to enjoy this benefit, it is necessary to install an extension in Chrome, in order to configure WhatsApp Web to suit the user.

But there is nothing to worry about, the extension that Infobae brings is 100% secure and it only aims to disable the “online” function in the browser. Now yes, here is the step by step:

1. Since you need to be in Chrome all the time, it’s a good idea to designate this service as Google As the main browser on the computer or laptop.

two. Now go to the page of Extensions in Chrome (it can be located in the upper right part of the screen represented by an icon in the form of a puzzle piece).

Google Chrome extensions.  (photo:
Google Chrome extensions. (photo:

3. On the new screen, click on the three horizontal lines that appear at the top left to open the menu, and at the bottom select the option ‘Open Chrome Web Store’.

Four. Within the Google Chrome Store, it is only necessary to search and install the extension WAIncognito.

WAIncognito.  (photo: The Truth News)
WAIncognito. (photo: The Truth News)

5. Now you have to log in to WhatsApp Web, just as you would on an ordinary day. (Open the official WhatsApp Web page and scan with the cell phone the QR code displayed on the PC screen).

6. When you log in, a new function will automatically appear that will allow you to use the WhatsApp service in a incognito mode.

7. Activate this mode and voila. You can now enjoy the platform without the burden of WhatsApp contacts knowing that you are ‘Online’.

WhatsApp Web incognito mode with the WAIncognito Google Chrome extension.  (photo: Download the fast)
WhatsApp Web incognito mode with the WAIncognito Google Chrome extension. (photo: Download the fast)

How to create stickers with WhatsApp Web

1. To create and share WhatsApp stickers on the web version, just have an open chat and do click on the ‘Attach’ icon (in the form of a clip).

2. There will appear a new blue color button. When you click on this, the application will ask attach an image.

3. When you upload it, a small editor where you can adjust the size and rotation, in addition to having a couple of tools that will allow you to cut the frame, add text, emojis and even add other stickers to the creation.

Stickers editor in WhatsApp Web.  (photo: hypertextual)
Stickers editor in WhatsApp Web. (photo: hypertextual)

4. Press option ‘Send’.

5. Once the sticker is sent, this will be saved and can be sent to other contacts.

So far, the function only allows to attach JPG and PNG fileswhereby there are no moving stickers.


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