The wink of Luis Suárez to Marcelo Gallardo before the chance that he leads the Uruguay team

In advance of the delivery of the Ballon d’Or 2021, one of the 20 candidates was Luis Suarez who was interviewed on the red carpet, in addition to later, already at the gala, giving the award to his friend Lionel Messi. There he winked at Marcelo gallardo, when he was consulted about the possibilities that the current River Plate coach can take the position of coach in Uruguay, what, today is out of the Repechage in the Qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Although, first, the Uruguayan striker referred to the departure of Oscar Washington Tabárez, after 15 years in charge of the celestial team, in his second cycle in charge. “Obviously I spoke with him and with his entire coaching staff about what it meant in my career. I gave them my thanks and my support in that difficult moment, since it is not only his fault, but we are also to blame, ”said the 34-year-old striker.

When in TNT Sports Asked about Gallardo and about his scrolls, the Atlético Madrid attacker indicated that “Everything he did at the international level already says so. He has a prestige that as a player he has had and as a coach he has shown it much more in these seven or eight years at River Plate, winning almost everything. It would be a privilege “.

Luis Suárez with his friend Lionel Messi at the 2021 Ballon d’Or award (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier) (BENOIT TESSIER /)

On the subject, the president of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), Ignacio Alonso Labat, contacted the representative of Gallardo, Juan Berros, who would have indicated that until the River Plate competitions are over, the Doll would not analyze any alternative, without prejudice to the fact that his contract with the Núñez club will expire on December 31.

Last Thursday, after becoming champion of the Professional League, Gallardo assured that “I’m going to seriously rethink whether to follow or not”, which generated uncertainty in the world riverplatense. However, in the hypothetical case that he does not renew his link, the alternative of directing a selection in principle would not seduce Gallardo, someone accustomed to daily work.

From Uruguay they let it be known that they are willing to give Gallardo absolute control of the teams. The AUF Executive Committee unanimously considers Napoleon the chosen man and I would be willing to wait for him, at least until after December 18, when River Plate plays Colón de Santa Fe for the Argentine Super Cup. They will be measured against Sabalero, who won the Professional League Cup in the first semester.

Marcelo Gallardo said Thursday that
Marcelo Gallardo said Thursday that “he will analyze his future and that it may be the most difficult decision of his life” (REUTERS / Agustín Marcarian) (AGUSTIN MARCARIAN /)

The Uruguayan team, today outside the Repechage zone, is seventh in the table with 16 units, one less than Peru. In the four games that remain, he will visit Paraguay (01/27), will be local against Venezuela (02/01) and Peru (03/24) and will define his luck with so far a direct rival, Chile, in Santiago (29 / 03).

Gallardo is an old acquaintance from the other side of the Río de la Plata, since he retired as a footballer in Nacional de Montevideo, which was his first team as DT and at his baptism in the bank he won the 2011/2012 championship.

It should be remembered that the Doll also began to sound as a possible replacement for Renato Gaucho in Flamengo, which comes from lose the final (2-1) of the Copa Libertadores against Palmeiras at the Centenario Stadium.

On the other hand, Uruguay, the leaders of the AUF have affirmed that “our dream is Gallardo and our reality is Diego Aguirre.” In case the “Operativo Gallardo” does not prosper, the former coach of San Lorenzo and runner-up in the Libertadores 2011 with Peñarol, is plan B.


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