The winner of the USD 1,340 million of the Mega Millions lottery has not yet claimed his prize

Mega Millions lottery tickets (BRENDAN MCDERMID/)

A month has passed since the Mega Millions lottery draw that put the United States on edge. The award? Nothing more and nothing less than 1,337 million dollars (at first it was believed that it was 1,280 million, but later the lottery rectified the number -which grew depending on the number of people who bought tickets-).

After three months without a winner, the Mega Millions lottery had accumulated this huge amount for its prize, the third highest jackpot in US lottery history. One ticket matched all six draw numbers (13-36-45-57-67-14) and thus won the jackpot. It is known that the winning ticket was purchased on July 29 at a Speedway service station in Des Plaines, Illinois, on the outskirts of the city of Chicago.

According to the law, The winner has up to a year to claim their prize, but with one caveat, 60 days after the draw expires the possibility of saying if they want to receive all the money together or in payments for 29 years. Without confirming this preference, the payment of the prize cannot be made. According to calculations made by accounting firms, If the winner chooses to receive the entire prize at once, with the discounts, he would be earning 780 million dollars, on which he will have to pay taxes.

Service station in Des Plaines, Illinois, where the winning ticket was sold on July 29
Service station in Des Plaines, Illinois, where the winning ticket was sold on July 29 (KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI /)

this lottery it is played in 45 of the states of the country, plus the territories of the Virgin Islands and the city of Washington. In the event that no one claims the prize, it will be distributed among the participating states.

According to lottery officials in Illinois, it is likely that the winner did not know that he is a multi-millionaire. That’s why they are asking all those who participated to check their tickets.

“In a prize of this magnitude, it is not uncommon for the person to take time to claim it. I’m sure they’re going through a lot of different emotions,” he told reporters. Harold Mays, director of the Illinois lottery. Under state law, the winner can remain anonymous if they wish if the amount won exceeds 250 thousand dollars. But in this case the lottery authorities have confirmed that it is not that the winner has remained anonymous, but simply that so far he has not appeared.

mega millions lottery jackpot 1200 million
Millions of people in 45 states entered the sweepstakes last month

Those who are surely also anxious for the winner to appear are the owners of the service station where the winning ticket was sold. With the prize comes $500,000 that goes to the establishment that sold the ticket, but this money is not paid out unless the winner claims their fortune.

The largest lottery prize in the history of the country was paid by the Powerball lottery in the year 2016: 1,586 million dollars. The difference is that on that occasion, the prize was divided among three winners, which would not be the case this time.


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