The work and career of the first actor Ignacio López Tarso

The first actor Ignacio López Tarso has a career marked by hundreds of movies, plays and television appearances

Ignacio López Tarso has more than 50 classic films, hundreds of plays and thousands of television appearances as one of the last legends of the so-called Golden Cinema that Mexico.

The actor was born on January 15, 1925 in Mexico City under the name of Ignacio López López and spent his childhood living in different places. While he was living in Jalisco, his parents took him to a theater performance in a tent, where his first artistic inclinations were born at the age of 8.

He completed part of his studies at a Catholic seminary in the State of Mexico, where he approached acting through a priest’s theatrical group. At that time he was reading poetry and exercising his skills through public speaking.

At the age of 24, he entered the School of Fine Arts Theater, where he had mentors such as Xavier Villaurrutia, Salvador Novo, Clementina Otero and Celestino Gorostiza. As a student she joined the autonomous student theater, which at the time was directed by playwright Xavier Rojas.

López Tarso’s first appearance on the big screen occurred in 1954, when he participated in La Desconocida, by director Chano Urueta.

Acting was the focus of his work, especially in the cinema, where he had the opportunity to work with great directors such as Luis Buñuel, Roberto Gavaldón, Ismael Rodríguez and Julio Bracho.

The films Macario, El Hombre de Papel, El Gallo de Oro, La Vida Inútil de Pito Pérez and Nazarín are some that had his participation and catapulted his career as an actor. In theater he excelled in works such as ¡Que Tal Dolly!, Dé Gira con los López, Love Letters, The Mayor of Zalamea and 12 Hombres en Pugna.

In addition to his work as a film, theater and soap opera actor, he held some union and political administrative jobs that include the presidency of the ANDI Board of Directors (1980-1984), the federal deputation of the LIV Legislature for the 8th Electoral District of former DF (1988-1991) and member of the DF Radio, Television and Cinematography Commission.

His career was also plagued with awards and commemorations for his work, being the ‘Honoris Causa Doctorate in Arts and Humanities’, awarded by the University of Ixtlahuaca, the last one he received while alive.