The XI International Theater Meeting in SLP is underway

The Government promotes activity from March 21 to 24, which includes distance conferences, discussion, theater performances and workshops

Following up on the educational strategy of the Government of Change headed by Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, and as part of the work to consolidate San Luis Potosí as an ideal space for cultural, artistic, recreational and sports events at a national and global level, the State Educational System Regular (SEER) through the State School of Theater, carries out the XI International Theater Meeting, with Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba and Peru as invited countries.

At the Center for Cultural Diffusion of the Potosino Institute of Fine Arts, the general director of the SEER, Crisógono Sánchez Lara, made the inaugural declaration, where he referred to the theater, as well as painting, music and literature, as fundamental detonators of the imagination. and the ability to get out of crises, since they help training, through the creation of metaphors and complex readings of reality to face the challenges we face as humanity.

“Theater is the fundamental basis that humans have for their coexistence, not developing perspective would compromise the future and survival of women and men, these are aspects that are worked on in theater and that, despite the passage of years, they remain in force,” said the official.

During this XI International Meeting, which is held to celebrate World Theater Day, acting, self-makeup, film and clown workshops are given by Deyanara Guevara, from Costa Rica; Eréndira Rivera, from San Luis Potosí; Kostia Hernández, from Tijuana and Ismael Morfin, from Mexico City. The workshops take place at the facilities of the State Theater School, located in the Industrial Mexicana neighborhood of San Luis Potosí.

Lectures on Pedagogies of the 21st Century for the training of actors, The theater school as a vital nucleus, Mythical theater and ritual theater and what it means to spectate in contemporary theater are also offered, given by Denisse Zúñiga, from Tijuana; Coral Aguirre, from Argentina-Monterrey; Fernando Huerta Zamacona, from CDMX and Jorge Dubatti, from Argentina. Lectures are delivered online.