The YouTuber who killed a child in Italy during a viral challenge was sentenced to four years in prison

The youtubers during a live on Instagram

A known Italian “youtuber” Matteo Di Pietro reached an agreement today to be sentenced to four years and four months in prison for him homicide of Manuel Proietti, a five-year-old boy in a car accident caused during the recording of a social media challenge.

In June 2023, the young man, 20 years old, who made videos for the channel ‘Theborderline’ who publishes challenges on the networks, led a Lamborghini through the streets of Rome to overcome the challenge of remain uninterruptedly behind the wheel of the vehicle for 50 hours when he crashed into the family car in which they also traveled mother of the deceased, Elena Uccello, and the sister three years old, serious injuries due to the collision.

Di Pietro was traveling accompanied by four other young people known on social networks for recording videos on board their luxury cars for a group of Youtubewhich has 600,000 subscribers and more than 152 million views since 2020.

The young man agreed to the sentence for the crimes of homicide due to a traffic accident aggravated by negligence, recklessness and incompetence” and “failure to comply with traffic regulations.”

Before the judge at the preliminary hearing, Matteo Di Pietro expressed his apologies and pain and once again acknowledged his responsibility, as he had already done during the interrogation, and also expressed his desire to participate in future projects related to road safety.

The sentence, as the lawyer explained, will allow the young man not to go to prison and described the sentence “in accordance with the objectives of our system, of re-education, of resocialization typical of criminal sanctions.”

The Italian Minister of Transport, Matteo Salvinicriticized the sentence on social networks and stated that “A reform of Justice is necessary”.

“They laughed and filmed the destroyed cars”

A witness to the tragedy that took the life of the five-year-old boy recounted the scenes of horror that took place on Wednesday afternoon in Rome.

“They laughed, without restraint. “They laughed and filmed the destroyed cars.”he claimed Alessandro Milanofather of a schoolmate of Manuel Proiettiaccording to the Italian media Corriere della Sera.

Lamborghini- Youtubers - accident
Elena Uccello, with her children Manuel, who died in the accident, and Aurora.

Until an hour before the tragedy, Alessandro Milano was with his family and Manuel’s celebrating the end of the school year.

“At one point I was at the table watching Manuel eat, and shortly after I saw his mother’s car destroyed. The biggest shame is that on Wednesday The boy who was driving the SUV was here, at the scene of the accident, for four hours and did not shed a tear.. I didn’t see anyone desperate, neither him nor his friends: everyone was calm, even dizzy. They thought about the followers. They had a really terrible reaction: they smiled, they started making videos. When another parent saw what they were doing, he pointed out that there was a child dying in the hospital. Even then they didn’t react, and that’s when the paraphernalia began. Only in the end was the father even reported for assault,” Alessandro said, according to Corriere della Sera.

(With information from EFE)