There are already 13,000 students who were poisoned in educational centers in Iran

The girls had to be hospitalized (Iran News Updates)

The health authorities of Iran have confirmed this Monday that the number of intoxicated students in the framework of the mysterious cases of poisoning in educational centers in the country has increased to 13,000, a hundred of which are still hospitalized.

The Iranian regime has shown its condemnation of this wave of poisonings -which has already resulted in at least a hundred arrests-, although it is true that they have celebrated that “fortunately there have been no deaths among the students.”

Along the same lines, the Iranian educational authorities have stressed that there have been no extremely serious cases and have reported that the country’s teaching staff, as well as the parents of students, are receiving instructions on how to act in the event of a case of intoxication. the agency tasnim.

The Ministry of the Interior of Iran has confirmed this weekend the arrest of several people linked with these cases of poisoning, which Tehran considers to be part of a plot orchestrated by “enemy” countries.

Tehran assures that among those arrested there are cases of people who acted “for mischief” with the “objective of closing the classes”, as well as detainees “with hostile motives”, whose purpose was to “sow terror in the town and the students, creating skepticism towards the system”, the news agency reports. IRNA.

The authorities have wanted to calm the situation, emphasizing that “fortunately since the middle of the week the number of incidents in schools has decreased significantly.”

The first poisonings were reported more than two months ago in a school located in Qom, the capital of the province of the same name, but since then they have spread to other parts of the country, although it is true that at the moment the real scope of this wave of poisonings is unknown.

This grab taken from a UGC video made available on the ESN platform on March 4, 2023, shows families gathering and chanting slogans outside an education ministry building in Tehran, following poisoning attacks on students.  - Dozens of Iranian schoolgirls needed hospital treatment on February 28 after another mysterious poisoning, a news agency reported, the latest in a spate of suspected attacks in the Islamic republic.  (Photo by Anonymous/ESN / AFP) / Israel OUT - NO Resale / ATTN CLIENTS: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO WAS OBTAINED AND VERIFIED BY EUROVISION SOCIAL NETWORK [ESN] BASED IN GENEVA
Protest outside a Ministry of Education building in Tehran (ESN/AFP/file) (-/)

Last week, iranian teachers performed protests before the suspects poisonings suffered by hundreds of girls. Security forces dispersed several demonstrations using fire cannons and tear gas, activists said.

Videos and photos posted on social media show teachers demonstrating in Ahvaz, Isfahan, Karaj, Mashhad, Rasht, Sanandaj, Saqqez, Shiraz and other cities.

Others showed the riot police on the streets. Activists who identified themselves as members of the Coordinating Council of Teachers Unions said that the police used pepper spray, fire hydrants and force to disperse protesters in Mashhad, Rasht and Saqqez.

“Today teachers have taken to the streets across Iran, in front of the Department of Education, to protest the chemical attacks on schoolgirls. Many Iranians believe that these attacks are deliberate. ‘Safe schools is our right!’ was heard as a slogan”, detailed the activist Masih Alinejad, based in the US.

(With information from EP, EFE and AP)

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