“There are stages”: the message that Carlos Vela sent to the Mexican National Team

Carlos Vela insisted that he will not return to the Mexican National Team despite the proximity of Qatar 2022 (Photo: Instagram/@carlosv11_)

70 days after the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022, the Mexican fans are still not sure who will be the 26 players who will play with the Mexican National Team and will compete in the highest soccer tournament. For this reason, various fans of Mexican football have insisted on the return of former legends of the Tri.

One of the most requested names has been Carlos candle. The current striker Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) of the MLS has made his goals clear with the Mexican National Team, which is why he closed the door of being called up in 2018 after playing his last World Cup in Russia.

But, at the insistence of the fans, he returned to send a forceful message to the Mexican National Team and step to the Mexican Football Federation (FMF). In a short interview with SDP Sports explained that in life there are stages and for him his stage with him Tri term when he played his last match with Mexico in June 2018 at the World Cup in Russia.

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Since then he assured that he was retiring from the Mexican team because he considered that his time with the national team had come to an end, so ruled out that his absence in Qatar 2022 is due to a matter of illusion or “excitement” to compete with the Aztec squad.

“It is not a matter of illusion. When I was available, when I played for Mexico, I was excited to play in a World Cup, to defend my country, but there are stages in football, in life, and when you finish, you close a stage, you have to let others do their job “

And it is that the 33-year-old footballer insisted that when he was your turn to wear the shirt tricolor he did it with all pleasurebut now he trusts the work of the new generations and the choice of Gerardo daddy Martinocurrent coach of Tri and that he will command the team for the World Cup tournament that will begin at the end of November.

Carlos Vela played his last World Cup in Russia 2018 (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Couldridge)
Carlos Vela played his last World Cup in Russia 2018 (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Couldridge) (REUTERS/)

He added that for this World Cup his job will be to be on the side of the public and the fans, so he will support his teammates by wishing them an outstanding performance in the Arab country. He also made it clear thatand his dream is also that of all the fans, about what Mexico is world champion.

“We have to be supporting the side that touches us and wish the best to those who daddy decide what you want to wear, hoping that they will have a great World Cup, that they can go as far as possible and that one day they will be champions, which I believe is the dream of all Mexicans”, he pointed out.

It should be remembered that it would not be the first time that Vela rules out his possible call to Qatar 2022even in previous interviews, he even wished his team success and the new generations of footballers who will compete in Qatar 2022.

(Photo: Instagram/CH14_)
Both Chicharito Hernández and Carlos Vela have not been summoned to the Tri since the 2018 World Cup in Russia (Photo: Instagram/@CH14_)

Carlos candle announced his retirement from the Mexican National Team in May 2019, almost a year after his participation in Russia 2018. In a press conference he said goodbye to the calls with the Trias he assured that his time to represent Mexico had already come to an end.

The requests of the fans have reached the ears of the highest national bastions, such as the former Atlético de Madrid, Hector Herrerawho during the 2022 Liga MX All-Star Game against the 2022 MLS made special emphasis that if it were up to him, he would summon again Javier Chicharito Hernandez and Vela.


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