There is no negotiation between Sasha and Luis de Llano, clarifies Benny

When the complaint was made public Sasha against Louis of Llano (whom she accuses of abusing her from the age of 12 to 17) Benny Ibarra was one of the first to react to Sasha’s Instagram post.

benny expressed his support for the singer, which caused surprise since the singer is the nephew of Luis de Llano. Benny’s mother, Julissa, is the producer’s sister and despite this, she decided to make public her declaration of support for Sasha.

The singer has announced that the public complaint will become a legal claim. “See you in court,” she wrote in another Instagram message addressed to Luis de Llano.

The producer, for his part, also published a letter in which he assured that his relationship with Sasha was based on “love and understanding”.

Benny also gave an interview to Luis Magaña in which he explained that in the De Llano family, the news of the complaint has caused “everyone to cope with the issue as they can and want.”

However, yesterday Benny spoke about Sasha and Luis de Llano “trying to get everything resolved.” That caused a misinterpretation of the phrase since some understood that it was about the singer and the producer negotiating an arrangement beyond the law.

Benny therefore wrote a message on Twitter to clarify:

“A few days ago I made a statement that generated the wrong impression that there is a negotiation between Sasha Sokol and Luis de Llano, and that is not the case.
I am sorry to have caused confusion on such a sensitive issue.”