There was not always hate. Luis Miguel adored his father Luisito Rey in 1985: “He pays my taxes,” he said

Luis Miguel says: “It’s a synthesizer guitar, that is, it has a memory, like a computer. With it you can play violin, harp, any instrument, it has the shape of a guitar but it can be many instruments”.

While he talks about the qualities of his new instrument, Luis Miguel shows it off and even plays it a little: it’s a Rolland G-707.

“Papa bought it for him… it’s a luxury but of course it’s worth it!” Says the title of this interview that was published on TVyNovelas in September 1985.

And who gave it to him? Nothing less than his father Luisito Rey, who over the years would become a villain in Luis Miguel’s life since, according to what he himself told in his bioseries, he was an authoritarian, unfaithful person who manipulated his career to get rich.

But that is something that Luis Miguel discovered over the years. In that 1985, when the singer had just won his first “Antorcha” at the Viña del Mar Festival and a Grammy for the song “I like you just as you are”, Luisito Rey was the adoration of him. This was made clear in this interview from which we reproduce a fragment.

Behind all the characters and artists there is always someone, who is behind you?

A very special person, my father to whom I owe much of what I have achieved

You have a very special guitar, don’t you?

Yes, recently, when I turned 15, they gave it to me

Who gave it to you?

It was a gift from my dad and my representative in the United States; that same day my dad also gave me a drum set, so I had a very musical birthday

What does your guitar represent?

Well, something very special because my dad gave it to me

Luis Miguel, at 15 years old and with his super guitar

Luis Miguel, at 15 years old and with his super guitar

TVyNovelas published the interview with Luis Miguel with photos in which the singer showed his guitar, his drums and his trophies. In another part of the publication, “el Sol” speaks again of his father with the same admiration.

I was asked by the Treasury to ask you this question: do you pay your taxes or do you evade the treasury?

Well, I don’t know, it’s my dad who pays them

A truly exclusive note for TVyNovelas

La, is a very nice musical note. But look, something that only those of us in the family knew until now is that my dad just bought a new house. I still don’t know the address nor do I know the house but we are already moving. As you can see, the house is already half empty.

Luis Miguel, at 15 years old and with his super guitar