These are the millionaire businesses of Danilo Díaz, the new husband of Michelle Salas

Danilo Díaz is a prominent businessman who works with colleagues from the United States.


There is no doubt that Michelle Salas and Danilo Diaz They have become the couple of the year. The influencer and the businessman have managed to awaken the curiosity of the fans, who did not take long to investigate Luis Miguel’s now son-in-law, who works in several businesses.

Michelle Salas was one of the most sought-after singles in the world of show business, so there were many people who showed themselves intrigued by the characteristics that the man who married her should have. Now, new wedding details have come to lightshowing that the groom spared no expenses for the lavish wedding, one of the most high-profile weddings of 2023.

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Due to this display of luxury, Curiosity to know what Danilo Granados’ businesses are has been awakened throughout Mexico. Indeed, the Venezuelan businessman works with several international firms, and here at TVyNovelas we tell you the details.


Danilo Diaz Granados He graduated in Economics and Business Sciences from Babson College; Once he finished his studies, he settled in Miami with a view to embarking on a career in the business world, work that began with the opening of the “Toys for Boys” boutique.

“Toys for Boys,” PR Newswire notes, came about because the existing demand among the Hispanic community in Miami for luxury items, especially fine jewelry and watches. This was Danilo Díaz’s first business, but not the only one, since he has managed to make his way little by little in investments.

In addition to founding “Toys for Boys”, Danilo Díaz works as a corporate advisor at Fireman Capital Partners; Likewise, in addition to guiding American businessmen, the Venezuelan He opened another company: “Edge of Glory Films”.

As you can see, Michelle Salas’ husband is a prominent figure in terms of business, which has allowed him to amass a significant fortune that was reflected in his luxurious wedding with Luis Miguel’s daughter. in Italian Tuscany.