These are the phrases that Shakira changed in her song against Piqué

Shakira modified some phrases of the song ‘Music Sessions #53’

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Bizarrap assured that Shakira was harsh when it came to composing ‘Music Sessions #53’, a song against Gerard Piqué

Shakira modified phrases from ‘Music Sessions #53’a song he recorded in collaboration with bizarreand in which he vented against Gerard Pique after their media separation.

The singer, originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, decided avoid legal trouble with the father of her two children, since the true lyrics of her song went beyond “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo” or “You traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

This was confirmed by BZRP in an interview for the ‘Molusco TV’ program: “We remove strong things and we changed them because then things could happen. We had to change it to be more meticulous. We were looking for the exact point, without going too far, but not sounding soft either.

Phrases that Shakira modified in ‘Music Sessions #53’, a song against Piqué“

The lyrics were initially going to say ‘that chili pepper needs more spice’”, Bizarrap began to talk, but assured that it was he who proposed the “splash”. The phrase that was recorded is: “I only make music, sorry if I splashed on you”.

Furthermore, he stated that the phrase “Women no longer cry, women bill”is his authorship and not Shakira’s, as many have thought since the day the million-dollar collaboration was released.

Shakira came up with the ‘Clearly’which was something that had to be in the song yes or yes. Also the phrase ‘I am worth two out of 22’ (referring to the age Clara Chía was when she met the former Barcelona footballer). It is very hard. The composer of that was Shakira. I was just helping her rhyme, but the songwriter was Shak,” added BZRP.

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