These are the tech gifts that will be in short supply at Christmas due to the chip crisis

Technology that will be difficult to find this Christmas. (photo:

New York Times experts highlight which devices will be difficult to obtain due to the conditions that have hit the world from COVID-19. This year we are experiencing a unique situation, as we live in a time imparted by the global shortage of chips, rampant unemployment and the impact of blockades imposed by governments to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

This has affected global supply chains, complicated production, and prevented items from being shipped to all corners of the world. Therefore, it is affecting the types of technology products that we can buy for our loved ones this Christmas.

Find devices from video game like consoles PlayStation and Xbox, which are in short supply throughout the year, will continue to be a challenge. Also, the list of hard-to-find items has grown even more, and now includes Wi-Fi routers, inexpensive laptops, and audio equipment.

Chips for electronic technology.  (photo: Mobile Technical Services)
Chips for electronic technology. (photo: Mobile Technical Services)

Here you can find a list of consumer electronics technology that will be hard to find this year:

– Video game consoles and graphics cards

Some of the most sought after and difficult to buy tech products will definitely be: Playstation 5 from Sony, Xbox series x from Microsoft and the new Switch from Nintendo, which were virtually impossible to find on store shelves last year.

Sizes PS5 Xbox Series X
PS5 Xbox Series X sizes. (Photo:

In the past, some console makers had limited production of the devices to help build buzz for the products, according to video game analysts. However, the chip shortage has exacerbated supply shortages.

Many large retailers only sell the new consoles online, and when PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch are available in minutes, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo warned that chip shortages could cause supply restrictions until 2022.

06-15-2020 JUMP Force on Nintendo Switch YOUTUBE POLICY / BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT (loan_45 /)

Chip shortages and overwhelming demand for video game products have also led to a perennial shortage of high-end graphics cards, which people use to upgrade their computers to support more powerful games.

– Inexpensive laptops

Retailers typically offer a wide variety of inexpensive laptops on Black Friday for under $ 400, including Chromebooks and other laptops from manufacturers like Acer, Dell and HP.

Chromebook.  (photo: Google)
Chromebook. (photo: Google)

These deals will be rare during the holiday season. Computer manufacturers face a shortage of USB drivers, the chip that allows a computer to communicate with the USB port. Therefore, manufacturers prioritize these parts to produce more expensive laptops that generate higher profit margins.

The good news is that you can expect deals on high-end laptops, such as MacBooks, but less discounts on the cheapest ones.

MacBook Pro MX1.  (photo: Applesfera)
MacBook Pro MX1. (photo: Applesfera) (Applesfera /)

– Audio accessories

The chip shortage has affected analog chips, the circuits that devices depend on to manage electricity. The technological products most affected by this situation are audio accessories, such as speakers and headphones, They are based on analog chips to reduce electricity consumption and connect wirelessly to laptops and smartphones.

However, the shortage will not affect all audio accessories. Sony and Manzana They are developing their own chips for audio devices, so people will have no trouble buying fancy headphones from the big tech companies this season.

AirPods Max.  (photo:
AirPods Max. (photo:

– Network Devices

On Black Friday, new Wi-Fi routers are often heavily discounted, but there will almost certainly be fewer of those deals this year.

This is due to a ripple effect from the shortage of so-called legacy nodes, a miniature chip used to create wireless sensors in network equipment. Businesses could build fewer routers, which means that retailers are less likely to cut prices to prevent them from running out.

Network router.  (photo: Professional Review)
Network router. (photo: Professional Review)


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