These are the ten reasons to switch to the Android operating system

Android offers its users various useful applications and tools (photo: Mag El Comercio)

Although the company Android emerged in 2003, the first cell phone with this operating system it was put up for sale around 2008, when Google had already acquired it; since then, there have been dozens of updates to improve it. Its release date was a year after Apple‘s iOS, so many users chose the bitten apple system as their favorite more than 10 years ago.

People who are iOS users may decide to experiment with other systems or they need it for their jobs, but constantly avoid switching to Android because at the time it represented starting from scratch, not only because of the possible difficulties in becoming familiar with another interface, but also because they had to copy their contacts by hand, buy other types of cables or It was a long and difficult process for them.

Currently the procedure of moving data from one system to another is more accessible to users of various smartphones, as it can be done through GoogleDrive. Now they present 10 reasons to start using Android:

Previously, the process of changing from one operating system to another was complicated (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)
Previously, the process of changing from one operating system to another was complicated (REUTERS / Given Ruvic / Illustration) (DADO RUVIC /)

1. Being able to express yourself in new ways:

Applications such as Messages and Gboard make sending messages easy for Android users, since they allow you to create group chats, share photos and videos from the app with the highest quality, receive read confirmations and even react with emojis. Recently Google keyboard added a function that allows you to convert everything you write into emoji. It should be noted that iPhone users can also receive these messages.

EmojiKitchen.  (photo: Andro4all)
Emoji Kitchen on Android keyboard (photo: Andro4all)

2. The ability to make video calls with anyone anywhere.

Android users require a Google account to use these services, which allow video chats through Google Meet, the FaceTime app can be used in the latest version of Google Chrome.

Use FaceTime on Android.  (photo: Tremplin)
Use FaceTime on Android. (photo: Tremplin)

3. Being able to continue enjoying the music purchased

iOS users who have already purchased or downloaded music on their iPhone devices will be able to keep it as long as it is free from digital rights management. This can be done in the app AppleMusicwhich is available in the store Play Store from Android.

  Apple Music for Android (Photo: GOOGLE PLAY)
Apple Music for Android (Photo: GOOGLE PLAY) (GOOGLE PLAY/)

4. The variety of applications available

The Android Play Store offers its users many of the apps that people already know and are familiar with. Some of Google’s suggestions are Hipcamp, which helps find places to camp; Skyview Lite that works as a guide to observe the constellations in the sky and AllTrails, whose function is to create a walking route. Here are some other tips for apps to download for a new Android phone.

Split screen on Android.  (photo:
This is how you can split the screen on Android (photo:

5. Data privacy protection

Android-based phones are protected against dangerous practices such as malware, phishing and spam, for example, people are protected from receiving about 1.5 million mass and unwanted messages per month.

Android also tries to show its users warnings on how to protect their information and the risks involved in downloading certain applications. recently Google issued a security update alert for all Chrome users.

Hacked cell phone.  (photo: The Spanish)
Android is constantly updated on cybersecurity issues (photo: El Español)

6. Functional compatibility between devices

Android provides the connection between Chromebooks, Wear OS smartwatches, Google TV devices, and Fast Pair-enabled headphones. One of the Apple products that has Android compatibility is the AirPods.

Android adds features already offered by Apple this year, such as quick headset pairing with a Chromebook, Google TV, or other Android TV devices.  Photo: Google/dpa
Android adds features already offered by Apple this year, such as quick headset pairing with a Chromebook, Google TV, or other Android TV devices. Photo: Google/dpa (Google/)

7. The varied tools with Google applications and services

People who travel to other countries can get help on their Android devices as the Lens app allows you to scan a text to translate it automaticallyAmong other functions. In addition, a document started on a desktop computer can continue to be worked on from an Android cell phone, since Google Docs is previously installed on the devices.

Google Lens translate option
Google Lens allows you to translate and copy the text

8. with NearShare you can share content between Android devices

This application works to be able to share music, photos, videos and other files between Android and Chrome OS devices that are physically close to each other. The information stored in Google Photos can be transmitted directly.

9. The ability to customize the home screen with Widgets

The home screen of Android devices can be adjusted according to the tastes and needs of each person, some of them are Clock, previews of apps like WhatsApp and even search bars and weather reports. Google reported that there will soon be 35 new Widgets of this type.

Widgets on Android.  (photo: WWWhat's New)
This is how Widgets are on Android (photo: WWWhat’s New)

10. The adaptability and accessibility of Google technology

The company maintains that Android users have a unique way of taking advantage of the technology of their devices, an example could be the possibility of use the phone without the screen using TalkBack, this feature takes what is said out loud and creates a real-time transcript. It should be noted that this accessibility tool is used by people with some visual weakness.

android facial expressions
Menu of the new accessibility feature with Android facial expressions. Photo: Screenshot.

On the other hand, it was recently reported that Android 12 will include a feature to control the device using facial expressions.


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