They accuse Charly López of betraying Luisa Fernanda to look good with Sergio Mayer

For some time we have been seeing Luisa Fernanda and Charly López, members of Garibaldi, on ‘Vivalavi’, the morning Multimedios program, who have reunited with the group together with Sergio Mayer in recent months.

However, there would be tremendous drama between them if the reports turn out to be true. The journalist Alex Kaffie published that Ingrid Coronado’s ex “is doing everything possible to get Luisa Fernanda de Vivalavi fired!”

The collaborator of ‘Sale el sol’ pointed out: “In that miserable way he pays you for having put him to work at said Multimedios Televisión program (Channel 6). And it is that, know it, Luisa Fernanda when they hired her suggested that they also hire that one, and not only that! He gave up part of his salary so that López’s payroll would come from there”.

The worst thing is that the plan would have as a background the desire to look good with Sergio Mayer, as Kaffie wrote: “Unfortunately, ingratitude has no memory and Charly forgets that because of Luisa Fernanda she has a job at Vivalavi and now to look good with Sergio Mayer (who recently had a fight to the death with the aforementioned) is asking to be fired!”.

It is worth mentioning that after Garibaldi’s reunion in the 90s Pop Tour with the original members, and after Patricia Manterola decided to leave the concept, the rest of the women resigned from the concerts that Sergio Mayer promotes so that the group can perform in different places. The former deputy defends that Garibaldi is a concept and it does not matter that the original members are not there, it will continue to be a brand.

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