They accuse David Zepeda of being indifferent, impolite and rejecting handcrafted gift items

Residents of Nacajuca, a municipality near Villahermosa, Tabasco, were disappointed David Zepeda “because of his indifferent treatment, little participation, very far from the image he gives on television; also rude, because he refused handcrafted garments as a gift, ”said the organizers who hired him.

The actor was hired at the end of August to host La Flor del Maiz, Nacajuca’s patronal festival. Local officials acknowledge that he did his job, but he was not participatory, nor was he condescending to the fans who eagerly awaited him. There were no autographs, no photos; he was barely 20 minutes and left, but he did keep what he promised.

Local artisans commented: “He made us ugly. We embroidered a guayabera and a hat with his name, and he sent us to hell. He said: ‘I don’t wear that!’ He hit us.”

The artists, mainly the actors hired for an event, get paid as a package: signing autographs, photos with fans, kisses, length of stay… And if what they will do is not specified, they fulfill exclusively what they were hired for. A few years ago, they also took Salvador Zerboni to Tabasco to spend time with fans; He was upset because his request for a couple of whiskeys was not heeded and he protested: “I came to hang out with fans and I already did. We arranged for a fan to give me five kisses, and she already has ten! ”, Said the actor, before the refusal of a drink.

The viewer sees the actors daily, and they are so familiar to him that angelic images of them are formed. They are human like any other, they even charge to smile, and the public doesn’t know that, so when they meet them in person, they become disenchanted or enchanted, depending on the character of the famous. Like everything, there are some accessible, simple… but others not. David Zepeda is very dry in his treatment, not very accommodating and with the appearance that he shields himself against a more casual treatment.
After they met him in person in Nacajuca, they will no longer watch his soap operas.

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