They accuse Martha Debayle of plagiarism: “She made a cheap copy of my pants”

Mastha Debayle was accused by a fashion designer of having plagiarized a pants design for her new clothing line.

“Her pants are a clear knock off (cheap copy) of what I did, they only change the poor quality fabrics with which they decided to make them,” says a designer on an Instagram account dedicated precisely to giving voice to public complaints.

The designer does not identify herself but presents as evidence of her accusation photographs in which models actually appear wearing pants similar to those currently promoted by Debayle.

According to the complainant, these photos are from the archive of the Mercedes Fashion Week Mexico from three years ago.

“Therefore I don’t get an idea just from my head that plagiarized it,” the designer wrote in a message on the aforementioned Instagram account.

Martha Debayle has presented these pants as a stellar part of her collection, which she launched in collaboration with a clothing store. Even the communicator herself has worn them at events and on her social media account.

The complaint adds that there is another garment that Debayle plagiarized, a black blouse.

“I am not looking for remuneration, I would love for them to lower my design and stop profiting from it,” says the complainant.