They accused Vladimir Putin of sending a double to Mariupol: the photo that would prove it

Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Mariupol on March 19, 2023. ( (KREMLIN.RU/)

Ukraine mocked this monday Vladimir Putin for allegedly sending a double Mariupolthe shell-ravaged Ukrainian port city that the Russian president visited on Saturday night.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, posted a collage with three images of Putin and wondered if they belonged to the same man.

“What’s wrong with your chin, Putin?” he wrote. Gerashchenko On twitter. “It seems that lately the make-up artists of him (ie for the bunker man’s recent trips to occupied Crimea and Mariupol) had to work with a rather low-quality copy, not even a double, but his copy. I wonder which one of them was real,” she added.

One image showed Putin, 70, a month ago addressing the Federal Assembly in Moscow. Another era of Putin’s alleged visit to the naval port of Sevastopol, in the annexed Crimea, on March 18. And the third showed the Russian president in Mariupol. The images show changes in the shape of the president’s chin.

Vladimir Putin Double
The photo published by the Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko. “Which do you think he is the real one?” he asked. (Twitter Anton Gerashchenko/@Gerashchenko_en)

Putin traveled for the first time to the Donbas in a nocturnal and lightning visit to Mariupola port city in eastern Ukraine, on the shores of the Azov Sea, which came under the control of the Russian Army in May last year after nearly three months of fierce fighting.

Putin toured the city in a car, which he drove himself, accompanied by the Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnulinwhich supervises the reconstruction work, as can be seen in the images broadcast on Russian television.

Putin toured the city by car, which he drove himself (
Putin toured the city by car, which he drove himself ( (KREMLIN.RU/)

The visit to Mariupolas well as the one carried out this Saturday in Crimea, on the ninth anniversary of the annexation of the peninsula, was not planned, according to the Kremlin, and surprised both officials and journalists who cover the activities of the Russian president.

Although Mariupol is some 80 kilometers from the front line, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have declared that the city is already at the range of your artilleryTherefore, the “unforeseen nature” of Putin’s visit could have been due to security reasons.

Precisely because of the risks, opposition channels of the Russian president affirmed that Putin has not actually been in Sevastopol or Mariupol, but sent a double.

The Russian president had been criticized since the ultranationalist sectors of his country for not visiting, except Crimea, any of the other four Ukrainian regions annexed by Russia, when his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenskyhas been on several occasions practically on the front line.

The Kremlin said Putin’s visit was to inspect the city’s reconstruction efforts.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, 50% of the houses and 90% of the infrastructure of Mariupol were destroyed during its capture by Russian troops.

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