They affirm that there was violence between Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva after a breakup

It is rumored that the couple has been separated for four months, since the actor found conversations with the Russian with her ex-partner, for which she began to lose confidence.

The relationship between Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva has given a lot to talk about in recent weeks, as several rumors suggest that they are separated.

Now, in the Venga la Alegría program, they revealed the alleged reasons why the famous would have decided to end their relationship.

According to journalist Gabriel Cuevas, there was violence in the couple.

In the show program they pointed out that a source close to the artists told them that they have been separated for at least four months.

Gabriel Soto would have found messages for Irina from her ex-boyfriend Emmanuel Palomares and the American actor Britt George, whom he met during his stay in New York.

A source was communicated to the writing of Venga la Alegría, who claims to know the story of the romance between Soto and Baeva.

This source confirms that they ended four months ago as a result of Gabriel beginning to lose confidence in the Russian since he discovered her conversations with her ex-partner Emmanuel Palomares and the actor she met in New York, Britt George, “they told the morning paper.

Cuevas stressed that Gabriel decided to separate from Irina after reading the chats. Likewise, he came to feel that there was no longer so much empathy and he noticed little interest from her with her daughters, which, he says, caused him a crisis before the wedding.

But they are not the only reasons. The same source stated that there was violence because Irina did not agree to end the relationship.

Gabriel for several weeks has decided to no longer be close to Irina, for which they stopped living together in the apartment that was his home and which is located in the Santa Fe area, in Mexico City, the same that Soto decided to leave him. to Irina because the relationship began to be violent, since the actor was attacked several times by the Russian when he told her that he no longer wanted to be by her side, “said Gabriel Cuevas.