They analyze the foreign policy that has scattered Latin America

The writer Hector Aguilar CaminThe ex-president From Chile, Ricardo Lagosand the former Mexican foreign minister, Jorge Castaneda presented their book “The new loneliness in Latin America”, at the Guadalaj International Book Fairnow This post is the result two years of conversations between the authors on foreign policy in Latin America and how has it led countries that make up the region, are isolated from each other.

Lagos explained that previously what had managed to unite the Latin American countries was the exercise of Democratic systemalthough some governments were more socialist and others more interventionists.

This new loneliness that we haveit has to do with the fact that some (countries) They think they are more left than right. Ideologies are good for internal issues, for public policybut not for foreign policy,” said the former president From Chile.

In addition, he points out that this lack of cooperation between countries arises because the leaders they haven’t fully understood the changes that have happened in the XXI centurychanges that accelerated with the Covid-1 pandemic9, that “advanced the world of tomorrow and proved a new inequality that we have to repair quickly if we want establish a democratic system,” he said.

“While we’re scatteredWe don’t exist in the world.” said lakeswhich has negative consequences because, according to the politician’s approach, the world “advances towards large regional blocs”. To exemplify this scenario, Lagos pointed to the next “country” guest of honor of the FIL Guadalajarawhich in itself is not a country, but a region: the European Union.

“It is a lesson that in the futurea large number of tasks that are carried out at the country level, They will be done at the regional level,” he concluded.

Concerning the divided world in blocks, Jorge Castañeda highlighted that the voice of Latin America has not been heard at the international level, in relevant events such as COP27which just took out in Egypt.

Castañeda also pointed out that Latin America He has not discussed his location in the “new cold war” between the United States and China. “The confrontation is forcing the world to define itself”, said. He added that it is a matter that in Mexico, neither the president, nor the politicians, nor the business community neither academics have put to analyze.

For his part, Hector Aguilar Camin also noted the lack of the transnational conversation about the violence plaguing the region as well as lack of cooperation between countries to get ahead during the pandemic.