They assure that a Cross grows and Christ grows a beard as a sign of the end of the world

Devotees of a church in Bolivia, assure that the enclosure has the power to predict the end of the world thanks to the fact that on one of its walls there is a cross that strangely grows.

According to what they say, when the figure touches the ground it will be the end of the world, but that is not all, it is accompanied by a Christ whose hair also grows. Given the unusual events, the faithful measure each week both the cross and the Christ and according to their records it has grown a fifth of an inch a year.

“It is said that when the cross touches the ground, the world is destroyed,” said one of the believers of the cross.

The omen began in the 17th century, specifically in 1626, when a lagoon flooded part of the city of Potosí, and according to what they say, that cross and the Christ saved the church of San Francisco from disaster.

“Unfortunately, many people died, part of the city was destroyed and when the image of Cristo de la Vera Cruz was removed towards the side door of the temple, the waters miraculously stopped,” said Sheyla Beltrán, the cultural manager of Potosí.

Miraculous details are also attributed to the image of the wooden Christ, as they say that its hair and beard grow, because it is human hair, and that it must be combed and shaved once a year at Easter.