They assure that Ben Affleck tries to win back JLo to save their marriage

At the beginning of October, an American media revealed that Bennifer was going through a couple crisis.
And that the differences between the actors had led Ben Affleck to leave the residence they shared

JLo and Ben Affleck could be going through their first marital crisis, but this could be about to change, according to the international press indicates that the actor is making merits to win back the “Diva del Bronx” and recover the family dynamics they were building .

At the beginning of the month, the American media ‘Only Radar’ assured that López and Affleck were facing several discussions, to the extent that the actor decided to leave home due to JLo’s constant attitude of having control of the relationship.

“The couple does not stop fighting. Before the wedding, JLo gave an Oscar-worthy performance, pretending to be perfect and very relaxed. Ben was blinded by love, but he didn’t realize what he was getting himself into,” the source told ‘Only Radar’.

Said source revealed that Jennifer López was also upset with Ben because “She hates his smoking above all things”, and assured that she does not like how her husband dresses and cannot stand his disorder at home.

“Ben doesn’t move a plate, which really irritates Jennifer,” the source added.

Despite all odds, it seems that the couple is overcoming their first marital crisis, according to the international press, Ben Affleck took the initiative and began to make merits as a father to reconcile as the famous New Yorker.

The latest reports ensure that at the moment they live in separate houses to avoid conflicts, however, this will change, as everything indicates that the couple is about to return under the same roof.